Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Check-up, A Weekend Home......and some TEETH!

Well, the kids had a 9 month check-up on Tuesday and all is well! They were measured against other 9 month old babies. They did not used their adjusted age. Here are the results:

Sarah: 15lbs 1oz. and 27 inches long (5th % for weight, 25th % for height)

Luke: 19lbs. 8oz. and 28.2 inches long (40th % for weight, 50th % for height)

Ava: 14lbs. 5oz. and 26.5 inches long (She is not on the charts for weight yet, 18th % for height)

Lily: 18lbs. 7oz. and 29 inches long (50th % for weight, 90th % for height)

They all seem to be doing well except for Ava. She needs to work on her weight. Speaking of Ava, we have her back in feeding therapy to come up with some new ways to help her eat. The insurance company would not cover Nexium, which is $200.00 if we were going to purchase it, so they switched her to Prilosec..... and guess what....crossing my fingers, I think it is working. She seems to be eating much better. I certainly don't want to jinx it, but I swear it is! She is eating like a champion! My friend also sent me some of her bottles down that may be helping as well! Also, when we were at the pediatrician's office and the Doctor was checking Lily, I was playing with Ava and she stuck my finger in her mouth and bit down as to say "Look what I have Mommy" and viola....she has 2 bottom teeth coming through. Of course it had to be the fighter, right? The one that was in the hospital the longest, has done everything first! What's up with that? I'm not sure if I am happy about her being the first one to have them though. She is so mean to the other kids. I'm so scared she is going to start biting them. I am happy! just a little nervous! We have started on 3 bottles a day with food in between including yogurt! They seem to be adjusting to it well and love the yogurt!

This weekend we just stayed home and enjoyed the kids. It was a relaxing weekend. I took in every minute of it, because I go back to work tomorrow! Of course we had a few visitors that can't seem to stay away! Great Aunt Jeri stopped by and so did Great Uncle Jay! They are regulars...

Lily says "Great Aunt Jeri, will you play with me and my bunny?"

Ava says, "But I want to play too!!!"

Eating our Mum Mums and watching Baby Einstein!

What a wonderful day! You would think they were at the movies...

Daddy loves playing around with the kids!

Lily says, "I love your hat Daddy. Go Phillies!"

Sarah says, "I love it when you play with me and only me Mommy!"

Ava says, "What do you mean it's time to get ready for bed?"

"Look Mommy, I'm standing!!!"

"Great Uncle Jay is so fun!"

"I don't wanna go to bed yet!!"

"We love Grandpop!!!"

The three princesses! Watch out!

" What about me? Aren't I debonair?"

" I mean look at me! Aren't I so cute?"

Hangin' around!

Clowning around with Daddy!

"I love toys!"

"What? These are all mine! ALL MINE!

Here is a short video of all of the kids in action today. Don't forget to pause the music before you start watching. You can really see their personalities shine! What are your thoughts?

Our visitors are also starting up again for visits! Great Aunt Susanne and Sean are coming in for 10 days on Friday and Great Uncle John is coming for a visit as well. Nana is coming in mid-August for 2 weeks and Pop Pop is coming in October for 3 weeks.

Have a great week! I blog again, hopefully, on Sunday!



Kimberly & Alex said...

Congrats to Ava on her teeth coming in! and keeping my fingers crossed that the prilosec does the trick and she can enjoy eating!

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Hope your first day back to work went good. Congrats on first of many teeth. My girls love their yougurt too. Hope the prilosec is the wonder med. Are you feeding three solid meals? Then bottles in between?

Sara said...

Your whole family is simply adorable. I was curious as to what you were doing with the babies when you went back to work. Daycare? Family taking care of them? Husband?

Sarah said...

Yahoo, Teeth!!!!!! Wow the kids are getting big, I would never have guessed they all weigh so much, way to go! Did they like the pears?? Talk to you soon- Sarah

Kelly Trullinger said...

Teri - We are feeding them 2x a day veggies & fruit both times and bottles 3x a day.

Sara- My parents are watching them.

Sarah - They love their pears! Not too hot on carrots though! Sarah & Ava actually threw up eating them! FUN!

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