Wednesday, February 25, 2009

18 Weeks Old

Hello Again!

Another day late and another day older! It's getting tough keeping up, even with the extra help. My Aunt Susanne is down visiting until March 1st. She has been a big help. Ava is now eating with the rest of them, but still getting her two medicines. We started giving the kids rice cereal in their bottles at night so that they sleep. So far so good. The last feeding is between 10:30-11:30pm at night and the first two up are usually Sarah & Ava. I guess because they only eat between 4-5 oz. a feed. They are up around 5:00am-5:30am. Not bad, huh? Lily & Luke eat between 6-7oz. a feed, so they sleep a little bit longer. They all seem to be adjusting well. It's quite a learning experience! Frustrating as well...who are we kidding?

They did go for their shots and check-up on February 19th and the results are::::::
Sarah: 9 lbs. 8 oz. 22 in. long
Luke: 11 bs. 13 oz. 23 1/2 in. long
Ava: 9 lbs. 2 oz. 21 3/4 in. long
Lily: 11 lbs. 3 oz. 23 3/4 in. long

They have grown a great amount since the last visit. They doctor is very pleased. We are still not allowed to take them out in public, but Nick and I snuck them out to have their first portrait done today....a spring picture! They look so cute...we get them in a few weeks. Of course I will post a few. I never realized how expensive it is! I guess that's why most people only get it done once a year.

I forgot to mention that Early Steps came out to evaluate them to let us know where they are all developmentally. Because they are preemies, they develop at the gestational age (Dec. 21st) versus the day they were actually born (Oct. 11th). Right now, they are all right where they are supposed to be as a whole. There were a few above averages....Sarah & Ava are above average in their cognitive abilities, Luke is above average in motor skills, and Lily is above average in the social/emotional areas. It all averages out in the end they said. They all look great though!

They have inherited some new nicknames as well over the past week. Luke, since his head has gotten extremely large and most of his hair has fallen out with the exception of a little in the back, has been called everything from Peter Boyle (the father from Everybody Loves Raymond), to Humpty Dumpty (egg shaped head), to Lex Luther (courtesy of my Dad). Luke just laughs at it all. He thinks everything is hilarious. Sarah has been called Bino (my name as a baby) and still holds the title of the Screaming Mimi (she can be a little fuss budget!). Ava has a few nicknames as well...Miss B (because she has a case of bulimia...she loves to puke after she eats!) and she also earns the title this week for drama queen. She is constantly whining for attention and her cry sounds so fake. Lily has been called everything from Lily the Load to Jumbo and Beefcake. I know, it sounds mean, but we mean it in the cutest way possible...she will never get those names when she knows what's going on. It's a way that we all laugh to keep our sanity. She is however, the most complacent baby right now! She smiles a lot and is very happy most of the time.

They have a few choice places to go for fun....swingtown (which my Aunt Susanne named because of all of the swings going at the same time) or Romper Room (which my Mom named the gyms that lay on the floor). My Aunt Susanne and I took them all for their first wak yesterday. They had a great time. We can't use the big quad stroller because they are too small just yet, so I bought two double strollers to hold us over until they can fit. I guess they will come in handy incase we can only take two at a time somewhere or we have to split up. I just couldn't sit in the house anymore. I had to get out and I had to exercise! I haven't been out in the sun so long that I got extremely burnt after only an hour and a half. I should have worn sunblock I guess. I just didn't think the sun would be that strong this time of year. I was wrong....and very pale! Now I am a lobster.

Oh, one side note...I forgot to mention that my friend Jenny gave me a pedicure when she came over the last was great! She did a great job and it felt wonderful! What great friends I have....who would be willing to touch my feet?

Ok! I guess I'll talk to you all again next week! Enjoy the pictures! I did.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

17 Weeks Old

Hello all.

This week is just another week of changing diapers, feeding, and not sleeping. All the days are the same. We don't know what day of the week it is...ever. They all seem the same. Before we know it, a whole week has past. It's definitely hard work, but when you see them smile at you's amazing and then you realize what it's all about. We can't even begin to express how we feel. It's the best feeling in the world when they are crying...and they stop when you talk to them or you pick them up. They know who we are. I just find it unbelieveable!

They are laughing and cooing! They still cry quite a bit, but over all they are happy babies. We pretty much have a schedule now. They go down for naps after the 1:00-2:30pm feeding in their cribs until the 5:00pm feeding. They have been pretty good with it overall. Then they go to bed after the 9:00-10:30pm feeding. They are getting so big so fast, I can't believe it!

They go to the doctor on Thursday for their shots and check-ups. I let you know next week what their weights are.

Enjoy the pictures. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! We did...spending it with the kids!

Remember, if you want to see the pictures bigger, just double click on the sideshow!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 Months Old

Hello again!

It has been a very interesting week to say the least. To say we have been losing sleep is an understatement. Now that Ava is home we are as happy as could be, but at the same time it is another baby and we have to make adjustments and so do the other children. Ava eats every three hours plus she has to get 2 different medicines that have to be taken with a little bit of food seperately. is how the day goes:

4:00 am - Give Ava Reglan
5:00 am - Feed Sarah & Luke
5:30 am - Feed Ava
6:00 am - Feed Lily
8:30 am - Feed Ava
9:00 am - Feed Sarah & Luke
9:00 am - Give Ava Prevacid
10:00 am - Feed Lily
10:00 am - Give Ava Reglan
11:30 am - Feed Ava
1:00 pm - Feed Sarah & Luke
2:30 pm - Feed Ava
3:00 pm - Feed Lily
4:00 pm - Give Ava Reglan
5:00 pm - Feed Sarah & Luke
5:30 pm - Feed Ava
6:00 pm - Feed Lily
8:30 pm - Feed Ava
9:00 pm - Give Ava Prevacid
9:00 pm - Feed Sarah & Luke
10:00 pm - Give Ava Reglan
10:00 pm - Feed Lily
11:30 pm - Feed Ava
1:00 am - Feed Sarah & Luke
2:00 am - Feed Lily
2:30 am - Feed Ava

And the day starts all over again! This is not accurate however because we do not live in a perfect world and some days they don't eat fast enough or there are major spit ups and bumps along the road that mess up the schedule. It's pretty crazy around here. I can't wait until Ava is on a four hour schedule. That will make things so much easier. We may finally get some rest.

Ava has certainly blossomed with personality since she's been home and it was wonderful to get pictures of them all together. All of them are smiling beyond belief. They are so adorable, if I do say so myself. They are starting to lose their hair now. They all have such wonderful personalities and are so different. Ava and Luke have started to soothe themselves by sucking on their hand or fingers. They are getting big as you can tell by pictures. I can't wait to see how much they weigh. Their next appointment is on Feb. 19th for their shots and check-ups. It will be an experience having them all together. I have to take Ava to her final eye appointment tomorrow and early steps is coming out tomorrow afternoon to see how they are doing developmentally for their age. I am very excited for that.

Our friend Tom, who lives on the east coast came over to stay with us for a few days and visit! It was a great time. My friend from work, Kathy, came for a visit today and brought us dinner and dessert. It was wonderful and a great break from having to cook dinner. Thank you Kathy!!! She also has a wonderful way of calming the children and putting them right to sleep. I guess that comes with experience. We need her here every night around 9pm or so!!

Nothing else new to report. I'm sure you all don't care about what I'm writing, you just want to see pictures....especially them all together. It is exciting! It was for me and Nick anyway!!



Monday, February 2, 2009

15 Weeks Old

Well, another week has passed with no visitors or help and we are still alive! We are on a pretty good schedule, but we are getting a kink tomorrow.....a good kink though............AVA IS COMING HOME!!!!!! We are very excited and I hope she is too! She is coming home with no oxygen and no wires! Yipee!!! She will be on medications for her reflux...prevacid and regulan (not sure of spelling). We had a wonderful visit with her on Sunday and she seemed so excited to see us. The nurses said that she must know who we are because they have never seen her so joyus and alert and fun! She was such a pleasure. Not sure of her latest weight, but as of January 30th, she was 8lbs. 4oz. She is eating a little over 2 oz. every 3 hours. That will be a tough one because the others eat every 4- 4 1/2 hours. We'll manage. Anything to have her home.

Everyone else is doing great. They are all smiling on their own now, not because they have gas, but because they are smiling at us! It is so fun! I could play with them all day ....when they are happy that is.

Luke has really come a long way. I believe the change in formula and zantac have really helped him. He is really quite a happy baby now, except when he is hungry.... watch out! He can really hold his head up good and he loves to sit in the entertainer and play. He does get tired after about 15 minutes and wants out, but it's fun for him for that amount of time. He gets so excited when we put him in it. He seems to be a momma's boy though. I seem to be the only one that can calm him...lately anyway.

Lily is still as big as can be, but as dainty as can be, the little princess. She has a hard time holding her head up,.. I think because she is so big. She loves to smile and talk to you. She makes the qwirkiest faces. It's so funny!

Sarah......the little cute devil in disguise! Lately that is what I have been calling her. She has been crying a lot latey and does not want to go to sleep. She is a smart one...I swear she knows what's going on. She knows when it's time for be..she starts screaming....she knows when it's time to eat..she starts screaming...when she is getting a bath, every time I sit her up to wash her, she scrunches down lower to get her whole body in the water (it's actually pretty funny). She always wants attention and is extremely demanding. I don't know what I'm going to do with her when she is a teenager!!! Lord help me now.

Things are really going good, honestly. We have our bad days, I'm not gonna lie...sometimes many in a row, but over all things are good. They will get even better tomorrow!!!!!

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