Monday, July 6, 2009

Part 3 - A Visit To Aunt Susanne's & More Visitors

On Sunday, June 7th after a long day of visitors and partying, we got up early, got the kids ready and took a road trip from Delaware County, PA to Newark, DE. Thank goodness, our friend, Dan's Mom and Dad lent us their Suburban to use for the week. Thank you! It really helped us out. We now know what we need to buy to fit everyone and anything for our road trips! Now if we could just scrounge up some money.......................all in good time!

Anyway, like I was saying we hit the road to Delaware for another food frenzy! I don't know about Nick, but I must have gained at least 5 lbs. on this trip! We got to my Aunt Susanne & Uncle John's at about 11:30am. What did she have for us to eat for lunch?......Hoagies! Yummy! Some people call them Submarine sandwiches....whatever you want to call them, no one makes them as good as they do in the Northeast. Visitors started arriving around 3:30 pm or so.

Lily & Aunt Susanne (Mom Mom's sister)
Aunt Susanne & Uncle John's oldest son (my cousin), Dan & Luke
Aunt Susanne & Uncle John's youngest son, Sean (my cousin) with Luke, & Ava watching Baby Einstein
Uncle John's mom playing with Sarah
My cousin April and Sarah Cousins Paula & Dennis with Lily Paula and Samantha (her & Dennis' daughter) with Luke...My Aunt Susanne's dog Casey
Me, Dennis, & Ava
Sean & the kids
Dan & the kids

There were many other visitors, but somehow I didn't get every one's pictures....I think I actually relaxed a little bit, sat down, and had a few uninterrupted conversations. I am sad that I missed my other cousin Kyle (Dan & Sean's brother). He was away for the week. Congrats to him for having a great year at Virginia Tech and congrats to Dan for his graduation from Nursing School!
Great Uncle John, Great Aunt Susanne, & the Kids

We had a great time! Thank you John & Susanne for your hospitality and food. Thank you for having us overnight and for letting us take a morning snooze! We miss you already!

June 8th....back to the Trullinger house for more guests!

Great Grandpop (Nana's Dad) & Nick
Nana's sister Larena and Sue
Nana feeding Lily
Luke and his twin, Pop Pop. Do you see the resemblance?
Aunt Tara, Luke, and Pop Pop
My friend Laurie's sister Amy & Luke
Laurie & Sarah having a conversation. "This outfit is adorable, isn't it?"
Amy & her daughter Jenna with Lily & Luke
Aunt Tara and Sarah after a baby massage!
Laurie & Lily playing patty cake

Lily & Ava
One last feed before bed! Nana feeding Ava, Amy feeding Luke, Jenna feeding Lily, Laurie feeding Sarah.

Uncle Teddy (Nick's brother) and Aunt Jackie

On June 9th, we took a trip over to visit my friend, Anna's parents. Her mom recently had surgery and was not able to travel to see us, so we decided to go and see her! Alicia and Sophia came along for one last visit.

Anna & Lily

Anna's dad, Tony with Anna's youngest son Michael and Luke
Anna's mom, Filomena holding Ava, Anna's sister Margherita holding Sarah & Lily, Marg's twins Melina & Tony, and sleeping, Luke!
Nick reading to Sophia and Michael
Alicia & the kids
Luke finally getting to take a nap! He is exhausted!

Back home we go where more visitors come to visit. Aunt Lisa , Jessica, and Kara came over to help us with the last feed of the night! Nick and I got a break!

Great Aunt List feeding Sarah
Luke practicing holding his bottle for the first time
Aunt Tara and Kara
Jessica feeding Lily

June 10th we had a day of rest and not many visitors. I think my camera battery was dead and needed to be charged at this time. We were back up and running on the 11th. My cousin Danielle brought my Grandmother over for another visit.

Sarah is very sleepy, but fighting it!

Daddy & Luke had no problem taking a nap before our visitors came!

Grandmom with who else, Ava! Are you seeing a pattern?

Danielle playing with Lily & Luke

The end of our trip is near. Stay tuned for Part 4 - More Visitors, A Trip to New Jersey, and The Last Day.


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