Sunday, August 8, 2010

Visitors Part 3 of 3 and Our Summer!

So, I know, I know….I haven’t posted in some time. It’s been very busy around here, yada, yada. Here is what has been happening around here since May 15th, when the last crew left.

That next Saturday, Great Uncle Robert and Great Aunt Kris came over for a play date. Between Uncle Robert  being so goofy with them and Aunt Kris giving them lovins’, the kids had a blast!
DSCN5774 DSCN5777

DSCN5778 DSCN5784


This was the best picture we could get…they did not want their picture taken that day!
We miss you and hope we get to see you again soon!
  This is a what we did the rest of the summer….

DSCN5816 Uh, oh Mommy! Daddy made a mess with the yogurt again!

We also took a trip over my friend Brandy’s house for a play date with her daughter Emma! Isn’t she sweet:)
DSCN5827 DSCN5836
Brandy’s two boys Aidan and Connor also had fun playing with the Quads
DSCN5833 DSCN5834
We had a great time Brandy, Emma, Aidan, and Connor. Thanks for having us over!
A few days later, we went to my friend Jolene’s house for a birthday party. Her daughter Reilly turned 4! Isn’t she beautiful?
The kids found the water right away, of course!
Ahhh…………..the great outdoors!

Sorry there is no picture of Luke because he would not stand still long enough for me to even snap a shot…they were all to blurry to post. He was just having too much fun!

To the left is a picture of Jolene and her dad (the kids decorated him!) and Nick and Jolene’s boyfriend Alex having a manly conversation.

DSCN5856 DSCN5858
Here is the birthday girl herself getting ready to blow out her birthday candle! Wow! What a great party. Thanks for inviting us! We had a great time!

DSCN5862 This is Sarah’s thing! She loves sunglasses! She wears them all the time. When we got home from Reilly’s party, I gave them their party bags and Sarah got so excited when she saw there were glasses in them. She put them on and danced around the house! This girl loves the dance!!!
Here are a few pictures from Memorial Day!
               DSCN5865 (2)
Ava                                Lily1

Can you see their different personalities?
DSCN5887                               DSCN5889
They had red velvet cupcakes for the first time! Mmmmm mm they were goooood!

Uncle Jay was so hot, he took a swim with them in their pool. All 6’6” of him fit in there! Can you believe it?

On June 4th, we took Sarah to All Children’s hospital to have an MRI of her brain done to find out for sure whether or not she had CP (Cerebral Palsy).
I am happy to announce that she does not have CP and is fine…..she was officially diagnosed with a slight developmental delay in her fine motor skills. Her cognitive abilities are just fine! She now receives Occupational Therapy twice a week and seems to be catching on pretty quickly!
 DSCN5941 We did a lot of swimming this summer thanks to the things the kids are wearing! They are called Puddle Jumpers. They are made by Stearns and can be purchased at Target or Wal-Mart. They are so popular, I had to call around and drive to 3 different stores to get what was left. They are wonderful and allow the children to swim on their own, with parental supervision of course! Below are some more pictures of them wearing them. They had a blast swimming in the big pool:)
 DSCN5931 DSCN5924 

      DSCN5929 DSCN5934 

This summer we also started using plates, forks, and spoons!
DSCN5943 DSCN5944
DSCN5945 DSCN5946

DSCN5953 DSCN5956  DSCN5957
Some bathing suit shots!! My little swim suit models!

Below are the kids new shirts. They say “Quad Squad” on them. Aren’t they cute! I ordered them from my friend’s company She also has quadruplets and has a variety of shirts for all moms, moms to be, dads, grandmas, grandpas, as well as toys and many other item to purchase. Check it out!
DSCN5963 (2)

Our next visitors were Great Uncle Jay’s daughter Cousin Ashley, Great Aunt Susanne, and Cousin Sean.
DSCN6127 DSCN6128

Mom Mom, Great Aunt Susanne, Mommy, Ashley, and Sean took the kids to the beach for a few hours. We certainly had enough hands to help:)
DSCN6130                            DSCN6137
DSCN6133                           DSCN6131

Great Aunt Susanne made sand castles with Lily and Ava, while Mommy and Ashley took Luke and Sarah in the ocean to cool off.DSCN6141 It was a great day and they slept well during nap time:)

On the Fourth of July, we had a barbeque and had family over to celebrate! It was a rainy day, mostly, but we made the best of it.
Daddy played blocks with the girls while Ashley read a book to Luke.
The kids did get to get in the pool for a little while!

Pictured from left to right: Ashley and Luke, Seth and Sarah, Max and Lily, Sean and Ava. Seth and Max are Great Uncle Jay’s girlfriend’s (Melissa) boys.
DSCN6162 Great Aunt Susanne relaxing with Ava and Sarah before bed. Ava is not to happy about getting ready for bed.

Lily relaxing with Melissa before bed.
The kids love bubbles! Cousin Sean was having some fun with the kids before he and Great Aunt Susanne leave.
One last group shot!
some kisses……
DSCN6209 DSCN6210
DSCN6215Sean, don’t forget to say goodbye to your buddy the Bamboo Weasel (Zoey). She will miss you!

DSCN6218 Bye-Bye Great Aunt Susanne and Sean! We will miss you! We hope we will see you again real soon:)

Our next visitor came in on July 9th. My friend Kara couldn’t wait to see the kids. She spent a lot of days swimming and playing with the kids.



This is one of my favorite pictures to date!DSCN6256 !   

Group picture then off to the airport to drop off Kara and pick up Nana…..
we decided to take Luke and Ava for a ride to surprise Nana!……
Kara’s flight ended up being delayed for a few hours, so we got to hang out for a little while longer.
DSCN6266      DSCN6269

Luke and Ava sure did have fun playing at the airport and watching the planes!
DSCN6270 Mommy and Ava

Kara and Luke…..he just loved looking at the planes:)

We picked up Nana and said goodbye to Kara. Thanks for all your help Kara! We had lots of fun. We’ll see you again soon!

Of course, as soon as Nana got to the house, she hugged and squeezed the kids and after they went to bed, she asked what she could do to help. She wastes no time!


Nana’s working with Sarah on her occupational therapy, while Mom Mom keep Luke and Ava busy.

We did a lot of swimming with Nana too!
Here’s Nana in the pool with the girls!
Some more modeling bathing suit shots!
                       SARAH                                                                   LUKE
DSCN6276                               DSCN6275
                         AVA                                                                    LILY
DSCN6287 Nana swimming and playing ball with Ava.
Sarah decided she was done in the pool…..see those sunglasses again!

Can you guess what Luke is doing? Yes…he is. This is what he does after he starts swimming every time! I guess swimming helps to move him….then we have to change him and put him back in the pool….SHEEESH!

Sarah decided she wanted to get back in, so we practiced kicking!
Sarah was finally exhausted but Lily still wanted to swim with Nana:)
Daddy, Nana and Lily had fun in the pool.

We also took the kids to the beach… Melissa, Ashley, Max, and Seth met us there. We stayed for a while..and had lots of fun! We took lots of pictures, but I’m not going to post them all…just a few..or a little more than a few.
It was soooo hot, but we stayed cool by getting in the water. Mom Mom and Nana took Ava and Lily in first.
Sarah & Ashley or as they call her “Chee-Chee”
Nana made sand castles with Lily and Luke.
Mommy and Cousin Ashley


Ashley, Max, Seth, & Melissa took Sarah and Ava for a walk on the beach.


DSCN6341 Mommy and Daddy getting some down time:)
Then back to work!
Mommy playing in the water with Lily and Daddy filling buckets with water.
DSCN6365Time for some lunch , a little more play and then home for a nap!
We had a wonderful time at the beach! Thanks to all who helped…you know we couldn’t have done it without you, for sure!


It’s Ashley’s turn to go home. Sorry Sarah’s not home. She had to go to occupational therapy;( We’ll miss you Chee-Chee and hope that we’ll see you again at Christmas! We love you!


DSCN6384 Nana rocking and singing with Ava.
Grand pop swinging Sarah.
Great Aunt Jeri reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Ava.

What are you up to Luke-E-Doo? Lily knows and is staying far away.

More swimming…….


Swimming machines…..Luke actually swims underwater, by himself. There are some videos attached below and you can see for yourself!

One last breakfast….

One last story….
One last picture……


One last kiss X4


We miss you Nana! Thank you for all of your help. We had a great time playing with you and can’t wait for you to visit again. Tell Pop Pop hello and that we can’t wait to see him again.

Grand pop thought he might cheer them up by taking them for a ride on the tractor.
DSCN6445 DSCN6447    DSCN6442  

Everyone enjoyed it, but Lily…she was scared! Poor baby:(

Now a little update on each one!
Sarah has really come a long way since starting occupational therapy. She is more confident in everything she does and wants to show you what she can do. She is definitely going to be my phone talker. She loves to walk around talking on her play phone, saying hellooooo, along with having a conversation in her own language to whoever she is talking with on the other line. She still loves to watch TV and  dance, dance, dance. She likes to do what we call the snake dance. This girls can move her shoulders and hips! She still prefers to play by herself, although Lily and her are starting to form a bond playing together. She eats like a pig, believe it or not. She is still skinny, but it is not due to lack of eating. She eats whatever you put in front of her. She loves her vegetables and always eats them first. She has a great vocabulary, if you can stop, listen, and hear her over the other kids. She talks very softly. She is still the most laid back and calm of the bunch.
Luke is  a true boy and has to make sure he shows that, being surrounded by three sisters. We’re not sure what kind of sport he will excel in yet…..he loves to throw things and can throw very far and high (maybe an outfielder in baseball, maybe quarterback of a football team). His passion seems to really be swimming. He does not want to go in the baby pool, only the big pool, and never wants to wear his puddle jumper. He thinks he can swim the English Channel. He is extremely strong. He can move the dining room table. Why does he do it? I have no idea! He also loves to eat, but is very picky. He hates vegetables and if you try to hide them, he tastes them and pull them right out and separates them on his plate. Little stinker! His vocabulary is good as well, although he does have a habit of pointing and grunting like a cave man when he wants something. We’re trying to work on that. He mostly has a grin on his face now, which is a far cry from the whiner of a few months ago! He loves to be called a handsome boy and will smile every time you say it:) He loves cars. That is his new obsession. He also loves to give kisses and hugs. He is a lover boy, for sure.
Where do I start with this one? Smarty pants! This girl never stops! She always wants to learn and show you everything. She can’t wait and watch while the others learn something. She picks up on things right away and feels the need, due to impatience, to take things from the others and show them how to do it. Needless to say, the others get very upset. She is still learning how to share and spends a lot of time in time out for not sharing as well as snatching, pinching, biting, pushing, shoving, and choking. Where does she learn these things? No idea. She is just smart like that, I guess. She definitely needs to be challenged and needs one on one time, which Grand pop happily gives her. Maybe a little too much one on one time. She tends to follow him around whining and throwing fits because she knows he will pick her up and play with her if she keeps up with it. She also can be sweet and knows that she is cute. She definitely uses it to her advantage. Smart little girl, I tell you. She also tells me when she is going pee pee. So, that tells me it’s time to start potty training. She has an amazing vocabulary. She repeats just about everything you say and names everything. She know about a third of the alphabet and can say her numbers up to five. She is moving ahead full speed and not looking back.

Lily, the little drama queen! Famous words, “di da”. She is very intelligent, but is shy to show it. She is definitely a thinker and is paying attention, even when you would swear she is not. She is intrigued with anything where fine motor skills are needed. She is a master at puzzles, shape cubes, and stacking blocks and cups. She LOVES to read and is open to learning anything you want to show her. She also loves cleaning and cleaning up; our little Suzie Home Maker. She does, however, have a stubborn streak and loves to test your patience as well.  If one of the other kids are told not to touch something, she is the one that will go to that same thing and reach out to it as she is looking at you, and touch it. She surely knows how to push your buttons.. She tends to whine quietly, a lot, especially when she is trying to learn something new. She also cries when someone even touches her, especially when she doesn’t want to be touched. She screams cries, and throws tantrums as if she is being tortured. She can be quite moody. IF she is in a bad mood, watch out! She does have a great vocabulary, but only uses it when she chooses to, hence the famous lazy words “di da”. She certainly loves to please and make you smile.  She is our little prissy, girly girl!

So, what will be going on this next month? The kids will be adjusting to Mommy getting back to work. We've also decided that we are going to start potty training next weekend (August 14th). wish us luck as we dive right in. Bye-bye diapers, hello pull-ups! Sarah will continue with her therapy until she is 2 years old, which, by the way, is right around the corner! It's only 2 months away! Boy how time flies:)

Most of you are thinking, "Summer is not over yet!". Well, it is for me. Teachers started back to work this past week and students start back tomorrow! Everyone up north, enjoy the rest of your summer:)

Last, but not least…some video!!!!

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Till next time!