Saturday, June 28, 2008

15 Weeks

Some of you have been asking to see pictures of me. Here they are. Here I am, nice and fat already with my short haircut. I am scared to see where I will be a month from now, since I am only 15 weeks. I'm getting pretty uncomfortable already. Have fun making fun of me!

Friday, June 13, 2008

13 Weeks

Hello everyone! It looks like I have passed the hump! Just wanted to give you an update on the babies. They are all doing well. The test I had done today confirmed with a 75% chance that they do not have down syndrome or any other disorder or heart problems. I heard the heartbeats, thery were very strong. Their sizes are good, and I am doing well. I have only gained 11 pounds so far which is great since there are 4. My blood pressure is good as well. The lady that does the ultrasounds took her best guess at what Nick and I are going to have. She said not to paint the rooms yet, but she does believe that there are three girls and one boy. We will know for sure next visit, July 10th. We are both very excited and are glad that we are having at least one of each.