Sunday, April 19, 2009

6 Months Old

Hi everyone!

I know I haven't posted in about 10 days, but it's been very bust around here. We did take the kids to church on Easter Sunday and they were extremely good. They slept most of the time! I was a little nervous though because, of course, of all places to the whole church....a little girl and her dad sat behind us and she had what seemed to be a cold. She was sneezing, sniffling, and coughing. I was hoping it was just allergies. I guess I was right because the kids seem to be o.k.

I have some video this week of Ava and Luke rolling over. Sarah rolled over once this week, but hasn't done it since, so I think it was a fluke! Lily has not rolled over yet, but if you put her on her stomach she can hold herself up pretty good. Ava has began scooching. If you turn your head for one minute while she is on her stomach, she's gone. She moves quick. I haven't even seen her scooch yet, but she's obviously doing it to get where she is going! The kids new thing this week in anticipating when you are going to tickle them. They love it. I took video of that as well. They giggle so loud! It's cute. I'm not sure if Lily is ticklish though because she does not laugh like the others do when I tickle her. Lily & Ava love to talk to you! Luke just learned how loud he can be! He screams (happy screams)all morning and says oooh, constantly! We have not been to the doctors in forever, so it seems. We will be going the end of the week.

We had a ton of visitors this week, especially this weekend! Most of whom were a surprise! My Mom 1st cousins were vacationing in Disney with their grandchildren and they stopped down for a visit for a few hours on Friday. Saturday my Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathleen popped in for a surprise visit as well. They were wonderful surprises! We also had another visit from Nick's Aunt Kris and Uncle Robert on Saturday! We had a great time! Then Today, Sunday, my friends from work came by to visit with the kids and Heather's new baby boy Brandt! What a busy weekend......A lot of fun! We are lucky to have such fabulous people in our lives!!!

Speaking of fabulous people....Nana is coming for a visit the end of this week! We are anxiously awaiting her arrival! Her grandchildren are going to be so excited to see her!

I hope I haven't forgotten to tell you all anything or forgot to mention anyone. Like I said, it was a busy week!

I'll update you all again by the end of the we can have some new weights to talk about. I know they are all getting big, but I'm anxious to know how much they have gained and what new things I should be doing/trying with them!

Talk to you soon! Have a great week!
Enjoy the pictures and the video...Don't forget to turn off the music before starting the video!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

HAPPY EASTER!!! 23 Weeks

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Hello! This week seems to have been a week of firsts.

We had 2 babies roll over. Ava was first! So whomever guessed her, guessed right! At first we didn't see her do it, but saw her on her belly with her head up and all....We didn't believe she did it, so we rolled her back over and sure enough, she did...of course it took a little while and we don't have her on camera, but she did it! She rolled over on Sunday, April 5th....YAY Ava!

Luke also rolled over this week. We saw him do he had been doing it forever...."BAG OF SHELLS", as Pop Pop would say! He rolled over and went right up onto his elbows...strong boy....he's definitely a Trullinger! He rolled over on Tuesday, April 7th......AWESOME Luke!

Sarah and Lily have not done it yet, but Sarah reaches her feet and brings them up to her chest and grabs them...that's new. Lily rocks back and forth...getting the momentum going..she should be rolling over any day now! Lily and Sarah also grab at the animals haning down in the gym. Sarah pulled so hard, she pulled one off!

They all seem to be very social with each other. The have their own language! They also realize what the crib is...when I put them in it, they know it's naptime or bedtime. Lily and Ava are good girls when it's time; just put the binkies in their mouths and they are good to go.......Sarah and Luke on the other hand, UGGGHHH!!! They hate naptime. As soon as I lay Luke down, he gives me a mug and starts crying, even if he is exhausted. His cry sounds like the high pitch of an ambulance siren, it's killer! Sarah cries as soon as you put her in and walk away. She makes herself sick, literally! It's a sin! I hope them get over it soon!

We also went on our first mall see, none other than..... the Easter Bunny! What a trip that was! I did not realize that so many people actually shop around Easter. Here I thought if we get there as soon as it opens and get in and out, we'll be fine. YEAH RIGHT! The mall was mobbed! I forgot, this week is Spring Break for the school kids! My mom and I tried to just walk and not make eye contact with people, but that didn't work. People were staring (burning a hole through me), screaming and saying Oh, My, God!...out loud...causing more attention from other people. I hate attention! I guess I need to get over it fast if I ever want to go anywhere with my kids! It took forever, just to get to the Easter Bunny! It's funny though, most of the people that were the most fascinated, were the elderly! Thy are so cute and had such nice things to say! People were very good though, they did not touch! The Easter Bunny was fun and quick!

Oh, by the way! When I tell people that the kids love to watch American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, no one believes me! So, there is a clip of the kids watching American Idol this week!

Have fun looking and watching and have a fabulous Easter! We will!

God Bless!

( look at the pictures up close, just double click on the slide show!)