Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Year Ago Today!

One year ago today, Lily Grace and Sarah Lynn both came home. Below are a few pictures from that day and Thanksgiving. It is such a blessing to look at them all this time last year and see how far they have come! We are definitely thankful this Thanksgiving:)

Sarah & Lily getting ready to come home from the hospital...

Sarah & Lily taking their first nap together at home in the bassinet.
They were just too cute...I had to take another!


Lily and Sarah on Thanksgiving Day.
Luke on Thanksgiving Day.
Ava on Thanksgiving day!
Look at us now! We sure do have a lot to be Thankful for!!!


Have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving!
The Trullinger Family

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pop Pop's Visit

Well we finally post again! This time we are posting about the week before Pop Pop's (Nick's Dad) visit and Pop Pop's 3 week visit. He came down October 26th and leaves November 17th. It has been a nice visit and Sarah, Luke, Ava, and Lily enjoyed their visit with Pop Pop and they even say his name! They are really starting to develop a vocabulary and we are very close to having a few more walkers. I'll fill you in as you look at pictures.

Grandpop playing with the kids before they go to bed.

My friend Heather and her son Brandt came over for a visit! Here is Heather and Sarah.

Brandt and Luke playing.

Brandt loved this ball.

Pop Pop just got in from the airport and hasn't seen his grandchildren since June. He is excited and so were they. They went right to him!

Pop Pop playing horsie with Sarah.

Nick and his son! What a great picture.....

Pop Pop and Ava

Pop Pop playing a game with the kids.

Mommy reading a story...They love to read!

Great Uncle Jay and Melissa stop over frequently to play with the kids! Here they are with Luke and Ava!!
Sarah brushing her teeth for the first time...

Ava brushing her teeth for the first time.....
Lily brushing her teeth for the first time....
Luke brushing his teeth for the first time....

The following pictures were taken by Mom Mom. She gave the kids spaghetti and meatballs for lunch and topped it off with chocolate pudding.......Talk about heartburn city! The kids didn't seem to mind it...They loved it and you would never be able to tell that these kids ever had reflux problems!

Ava....she still wasn't done! She wanted a cookie!
So did Lily!
Great Aunt Jeri and Hank stopped by for a visit before the kids went to bed! Here they are with Luke and Ava!
Here they all are smooshing into their chair! There is another one...but I guess they wanted to pretend they were back in the womb!
Hello down there!
Since it has finally cooled down in FL...we have finally turned off the air and opened the doors! The kids love to play by the front door! Sorry for those of you up north that are just starting to close up for is beautiful down here!
Sarah fell asleep on her chair!
Mommy singing to her girls!
Me and the kids dicided to meet my friend Jolene and her kids, Reilly and Jonah, and went for a walk on the nature trail.....It was fun! The kids had a great time!
Jonah, Reilly, and the kids
Pop Pop reading Elmo to the kids....
Pop Pop couldn't resist reading it to Sarah again!

Pop Pop and his grandchildren

Video of the kids while Pop Pop was visiting....if you are viewing this on facebook, you need to go to to view the video. There is one more picture below the video!

One more thing.....I work Monday through Friday with other people's kids all day....and I miss mine every moment that I am not with them, but this is the priceless picture that I come home to every day .....I wouldn't want it any other way! I love my children and it's nice to know that eventhough I am not with them every minute of every day...they still miss me and know who I am!!!!
Till next time!