Saturday, July 11, 2009

Part 4 - More Visitors, A Trip to New Jersey, and The Last Day

Well this is the final blog from our trip up it is lengthy with lots of pictures. Hopefully after this I will get all caught up. I was gonna post yesterday, but it was our 5th wedding anniversary, so we had plans......Funny story.....Nick got me a Wii and our date was playing Wii all night with family. I really had a great time believe it or not! Happy 5th honey! I love you!
So, back to the blog. We had some visitors on the 12th. Nick's brother, Ted and his wife Jackie came over for the day and Nick's sister, Tara was there as well!

Tara playing with Sarah and Luke! She is great taking care of the kids! As you can see, Nick's legs are in the background. He is catching up on some ZZZ's

Aunt Jackie and Lily

Aunt Tara and Luke

Uncle Teddy and Ava. She loves to be put high in the air.

She obviously also loves to suck on Uncle Teddy's nose!

Aunt Jackie holding Luke and Sarah and Uncle Teddy holding Ava & Sarah. In the middle, princess Gia (Teddy & Jackie's dog) She is so sweet!

Uncle Teddy making Sarah laugh!

Sarah & Aunt Jackie! Aren't they so cute?

After a wonderful visit with Uncle Teddy and Aunt Jackie, it was time to eat and go down for a nap. Our day was not over yet. We still had to make a trip to New Jersey to visit my Dad's side of the family.

Feeding time! Aunt Tara and Nana feeding Sarah & Ava.

Uncle Teddy & Aunt Jackie feeding Luke and Lily.

The kids went down for their nap and Nick and I spent some time with Ted and Jackie. Thanks for the visit! We had a great time.
After the kids got up, we loaded up in the Suburban and took a drive to Deptford, New Jersey to my cousin Jennifer's and her husband, John's house. My Dad' side of the family all met there for a get together to see us all.

My cousin Danielle and Lily hamming it up!
Ava had a fascination with Granny's shoe and ended up untieing it.
My cousin Jennifer and Lily
Great Aunt Kathie (my dad's sister and Danielle's mom) and Sarah.
Pam (my cousin Steven & Aunt Kathie's daughter in law) holding Ava and her son, Trevor sitting next to them.
Pam and Jennifer playing with Sarah.
Great Aunt Lynnie (my cousin Jennifer's mom) trying to keep the active one, Ava, under control!
Great Granny holding......wait, can you believe it? It's not Ava.... it's Sarah!
Great Aunt Kathie telling Luke, "You better be a good boy for Mommy & Daddy!"

It was a great visit. All the men, who were not visible, husbands and cousins, were outside having "MANLY" conversations. I am sorry that I did not get a picture of them for everyone to see. Thank you especially to Jennifer who opened up her house to all for our visit! Hope to do something again next year!

So, that night the kids slept well and we started all over again. It was their last full day in PA and we decided to just relax at Nana and Pop Pop's house.

Nana relaxing with her girls. Do I really have to tell you who is who?

Pop Pop, Nana and the Quads.

Later that night, we decided to go out to dinner at Hibachi's. We went out with our friends Laurie, and Shawn and Megan. Megan had not seen the kids yet, so after dinner she came over to visit with them. Afterwards, we went over to Dan and Anna's house. They could not come out with us for dinner because they didn't have a babysitter, so we went to see them. Shawn brought him and Megan's little girls, Ryleigh and Katie so that we could see them. They have grown so much. I am so upset that I forgot to bring my camera out.

Megan playing with Ava.

Time to feed and go to bed for the night!

Nana feeding Lily!
Laurie feeding Sarah and Daddy feeding Luke.
Megan feeding Ava.

The next day was a bit hectic and sad as we had to finish packing, not forget everything and visit with everyone who came over for one last visit to say goodbye!

Danielle, Nate, and the Quads!

Anna, Dan, their kids Michael (on Anna's lap) and Max, with the Quads!
Dan spending some time with Luke. He was explaining what a tractor sounds like.
Uncle Teddy and Dan doing the afternoon feed!
We also celebrated Aunt Tara's 28th birthday that day since the family was over. Her birthday was actually June 12th. Happy Birthday to you Aunt Tara!

Nana and Great Grandpop having a conversation with Sarah.
Lily chillin' with Uncle Teddy.
Aunt Jackie and Luke spending some quality time together.
Nana, Pop Pop and the Quads!
Daddy, Nana, Pop Pop, Mommy, and the Quads.
Great Grandpop and Sarah! This is a priceless picture.
Sarah, Lily, Luke, & Ava
4 Generations!
Nana having one last play with the girls!
The whole clan, minus Pop Pop, who is taking the picture, and Aunt Tara who had to go to work.
We had such a great time on our visit! Thank you all who made the who trip such a success! We were so worried about how the kids were going to be and how we would do it, but it all turned out fine. Thanks especially to Nana and Pop Pop who turned their whole lives around for us for 10 days. I know it was not easy! We did it though and we couldn't have done it without them! THANK YOU NANA AND POP POP! We'll see you again next year! I hope you'll be ready, because we'll surely be walkin'.
Love You and Miss You Already!


Kimberly & Alex said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time!

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Happy Anniversary. Ours was the 26th and I got a Wii also. Mine is still in the box though. Glad you had a good time on your trip. We are thinking about flying for xmas. How did you do it? I am already scared! Did you need a another vaca after your vaca?

Cochran Quads said...

Soo fun!!! You are such a brave woman!!! Go Kelly T. Go!!! You look stunning in those pics too momma!!! Luv Ya!

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