Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Visitors and a Bar-B-Que!


We knew that going up north,we were in for a busy ten days with quads since we had many visitors in Florida to visit us, but I can't believe how many people we saw, just even in a 48 hour period. On day two, July 5th we woke up as if our day was any other day. We ate breakfast and then played a little.

Nana Trullinger was in heaven.....................

and then the doorbell rang!

My girlfriend from college, Alicia, and her daughter Sophia came to visit.

(College Photo of Katie, Me & Alicia)


Alicia with Luke, Sarah & Ava

Alicia & Luke

Luke & Sophia playing

Shortly after, my Grandmom and cousin Danielle and her son Nate came over. I had been contemplating surprising my grandmother, who recently had a pacemaker put in. I thought about not surprising her, only for a second, and then I thought.....she's a trooper. She can handle it. It's what keeps her young! Plus, I knew she would be so excited and happy to see the kids. So I surprised her. Here was her reaction...............................

She seemed like she knew what was going on at first and then seemed a little confused didn't she? That's Grandmom for ya! I wouldn't expect anything less and that is one of the reasons why we all love her so!
Nate, Danielle, Lily, & Granny

Nate loves to kiss the babies!

Granny & her favorite, Ava....but, SHHHHH, we won't tell!

Our next visitor came about five minutes after Granny came. Great Grandpop (Nick's Grandpop)came in. He was so excited to see the babies and they seemed fascinated with him, especially Luke! He wouldn't stop staring at him. They had a great time getting to know each other. Grandpop talked to them so sweet in his Tennessee twang.

Lily, Grandpop, & Luke

Lily, Ava, Sarah, Great Grandpop, & Luke

Sarah, Nana, & Great Grandpop (Nana's Dad)

Luke is having a blast!

AWWWWW! How cute!
Luke says, "I Love you Grandpop!"

Later on in the evening. My friend Laurie and her daughter Camille came over for a visit to play with the quads.

Me & Camille

Me, Camille, Laurie & the kids!

Nick, Camille, Laurie, & the kids!

Ava & Camille

What a wonderful first twenty four hours! It can't get any better, can it?

June 6th 2009 : Bar-B-Que at Nick parents house! Fun for all family and friends and a chance for everyone to meet the Quads. Were Nick and I a little nervous about all of the germs since there were about 60 people coming? JUST A LITTLE! Never fear! Nana's here and she went to the store and got the goods to keep people as germ free as possible.


She put Purell hand sanitizer on each table inside the house and outside the house! It gets rid of 99.9% of germs. It certainly helped.

So, we are all ready to go!

Let the games begin! Pop Pop began grilling!

And the visitors began to arrive!

Great Uncle Dave (Nick's Uncle) was the first to arrive....
Ava & Great Uncle Dave (Nana's Brother)

Then Uncle Dave's daughter Laura and her family came....

Laura, Jonathan, Anna, Daniel, & Dennis

Then came Nick's Aunt Lisa and her daughter Jessica......

And then everyone else came!

My friend Kara's Mom (Susan) with Luke

Nick's Dad's friend Dave, Grandpop and Nick
My friend Laurie's son, Tyler (in white) and Nick's cousin Laura's son, Jonathan
My friend Laurie's husband, Joe and their daughter, Camille (you've seen her before and you'll see her again). She loves to visit the babies.

Nick's Uncle Steve and Aunt Kelly

Kara holding Lily & Susan holding Ava

Martha, Noah and below Greg (missing are Morgan & Else)

Bergit & Ron Marino
Melissa & El

Kara (holding Ava) & Shawn

The Sharpe Family L to R (Ashley, Chris, Cody, Frances, & Jaime)

Nick, Chris, & Dan

Nana, Tyler, Uncle Dave, & the kids

Irene & Sarah, Jessica & Luke, Nana & Lily, & Uncle Dave with Ava

Anna & Dan

Ava, Luke, Sarah & Lily feeling grass for the first time!
One of my favorite pictures ever!

What a wonderful, but long day. The kids went to bed early, 6:30pm ish and slept late, 7:30am ish. Nick and I really didn't sleep! We were so excited to spend time with friends and family. I just wish I had taken some more pictures! It was a wonderful reunion, but overwhelming! Thank you everyone for coming and thank you especially Nana & Pop Pop for making it such a wonderful day! You really went above and beyond and we really appreicate everything you did!

Stay tuned for the next post: Part 3 - A Visit To Aunt Susanne's & More Visitors


Following Him said...

What a quadrific way to spend time with the family! I love all the picture too. Glad you guts had a great time :)

jag said...

This looks so fun! I LOVED the video of your Grandmom (that's what you call her, right?)! PRICELESS!

Kimberly & Alex said...

glad you had such a great time! loved the video too.

Stephanie said...

Wow...what great pictures!!
That last one is so darn cute!!!

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