Saturday, June 19, 2010

Visitors Part 2 of 3

Our second visitor was my friend Laurie. She came down to visit April 28th, which is her birthday, to May 3rd. She has been here many times and every time has been a tremendous help! We also love taking pictures with La La (this is what the kids call her), but for some reason, this trip there aren’t too many of her….I realized she was taking the pictures. We did some new things while Laurie was here. We got a new pool to go swimming in and we went to the beach for the first time.

Below are some pictures from her visit:

DSCN5547 The kids had a great time in their new baby pool. They seem to have no problem with water.

We went to the beach for the first time. It didn’t seem that bad for the first time, but we had 4 sets of hands for 4 babies.

Laurie was there to keep an eye on everyone.


Mom Mom and I took the kids into the water.

Luke was not to thrilled with the water. Lily was scared too, but Ava and Sarah seemed to enjoy it….



Ava wanted to get right down and go in!

After a while Ava, Luke, and Lily got used to the sand and

loved to play in it!




Sarah beach

Sarah, on the other hand, wanted no parts of it. She did not like the way it felt and I had to put her on a blanket. She didn’t even like sand on the sand toys. Notice her hands and feet and how they are situated in the second picture of her.

Great Uncle Jay was there to play and have fun with them all!


DSCN5589 DSCN5616

The kids had fun playing with La La and can’t wait for her to visit again!




On the day Laurie was leaving…the kids started climbing in her suitcase….I guess they wanted to go home with her!


We love and miss you La La and can’t wait for your return…don’t wait too long!

Our next group of visitors were some more friends who brought their kids with them. They stayed in a house around the corner from us from May 8th to May 15th .

Greg and Martha and their three kids Morgan (7), Noah (4), and Else (almost 2)



Dan and Anna and their two kids Max (4) and Michael (almost 2).


Talk about some fun with kids. We had our own day care center going on!

When they first arrived, they came over for a visit! Look at all the chaos. LOL!!!


We all went to the beach……, a lot….


The kids were all playing together under the umbrella.

From left to right: Michael, Max, Luke, Lily, Morgan, Noah, Sarah, Lily, Ava, and Else.


Martha, Else, Morgan, me, Anna, and Michael. I love this picture!

Anna gave my kids a haircut! For my girls, it was their first and Luke got his first boy cut, really short.

Lily before….


Lily after….


Luke before……


Luke after…..


Ava before……


Ava after….


Sarah before….


Sarah after….


We went to the fountain park!



Lily, Greg, Else, and Noah playing in the water.


Sarah and Michael getting drenched! They loved it.

They kids really enjoyed themselves and all the parents enjoyed watching them!

The parents did get to go out for dinner and drinks one night thanks to my parents the wondrous babysitters:) Thank you so much Mom and Dad! IMG_4200

L to R: Martha, Greg, Anna, Dan, me, and Nick


The day everyone was leaving, we decided to take some group shots! 


Lily and her Godfather, Greg.


Sarah and her Godparents, Dan and Anna.

These are a few funny attempts to get the two families and our 4 together for a picture.



How many kids were there again?????,,,,Well lets count…


L to R: Noah, Lily, Luke, Michael (hiding) behind Ava, Max, Else, Morgan, and Sarah. How many under 2? SIX!

We did so many things together, there are really just too many pictures to post, thanks to Greg and his camera! We had a great time and hope to see everyone again soon:)

Stay tuned for Visitors part 3 of 3.