Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sick and Miserable

So....this is going to be short and sweet with a couple of pictures because it has been very busy around here. The kids are all sick and pretty miserable. The all had low grade fevers that never turned into anything more, but they all have stuffy, runny noses and are whining just about all day. They even whine themselves to sleep. I'm hoping this passes soon because I hate to see them so sad. They even look sick and tired!
I start more schooling (on-line classes) tomorrow, for work......long story. So, that should be fun...trying to add more to my plate! Life goes on I guess and we'll make it work somehow!
Nick is doing well, working more! He's very excited for football season! GO EAGLES!

Grandpop brought home a big stuffed dog yesterday....The kids were all over it! Where will we fit it? I have no idea!

Luke says, "GO EAGLES!"

You can see that Lily is not feeling good!

Ava says, "I'm sick, but I'm fine!"

Sarah says, "Look at me, I can stand!"

Talk to you all again next week!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

11 Months Old

This has been a fun week. We have started feeding the kids real food and their reactions to the new textures are funny. We gave them buttered spiral noodles with butter and parmesan cheese and cooked carrots as their first meal on the tray for them to eat. We have also been putting little pastini noodles in their stage food for more texture and making soup with pastini for them. They are getting used to it. Sarah does a great job eating even though she doesn't have any teeth yet. We hope soon because she has been miserable.

Miserable, but still cute as a button! She is trying so hard to stand up, but her legs are still weak. She gets so frustrated.

Cutie pie! My Lily Bug is always smiling! She is talking up a storm. Not sure what she's talking about, but she has these huge bursts of energy. She is working on standing up too!
Ava is starting to grow like a weed! She is something! How such a little girl that was so sick could turn into such a smart little stinker.....I still can't believe it! Love that smile and her giggle is contagious!
Luke-E-Doo! My little man. Daddy wanted me to make sure that I took a picture of him in his Converse sneakers!. He is so handsome.....definitely a ham. He loves to bounce!

I had to take this picture. I was practicing messing with her hair since she is growing it in so quickly! I think she looks adorable.
This is Daddy on Sunday Morning.....Lily says "Wake up Daddy, I want to play!"

On Saturday when Daddy was working and MomMom and Grandpop went away for a couple of days, Mommy and Uncle Jay took the kids to the mall and walked was a rainy day, but we wanted to get out of the house. Today, Sunday, Daddy and I took the kids for their pictures at Sears, but we have to go back to finish in a couple of weeks because they were getting tired and miserable! They didn't do too bad though!
They haven't been getting their reflux medicine because they recalled it temporarily because of a bad shipment, so they haven't been drinking their bottles so well . We're hoping things get straightened out with that whole thing soon. All in all they have been doing well and are growing so fast. They will be one next month! Boy how time flies! I still can't believe it! They will also be going for their one year check-up so I will have updates for you then.

Below is a short video of Luke and Ava:

Till Next Time:)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Time to Play Catch Up......R U Ready????

Where to begin.......lets see. So much has happened in the past three weeks.
Here is the update on each one...I hope I can remember everything.....

We know that Ava has been crawling for a while now (she has to be one of the fastest crawlers I have ever seen), but she is almost ready to walk. She is moving along the couch and can balance for a few seconds when you let her go. She doesn't fall though, she squats to a sitting position. She can sit up as well. She gets into everything. She is definitely one to watch. She's gonna be trouble. You can see it in her eyes. She is finally talking a little now. She only grunted before , but she has finally started saying "mom mom mom". She is quite the explorer. Christopher Columbus has nothing on her. She is all over the place. We can't keep up with her. We actually had to make the gate area larger because she needs more space. You can't stop can only hope to contain her.

Daddy and Ava playing

Luke was the next one to crawl. He smiles a lot. He is such a happy baby unless he is tired or hungry, but aren't we all. Speaking of smiling, as you will see in some pictures below, Luke has two teeth. He can also sit up and says "da da". Luke was the first one to clap. He loves to jump around in the jumper and when you hold him he just bounces and bounces. He's my little Tigger. When he has his eye on something he wants, you better get out of his way.....he's like a bull in a china shop. He doesn't care if something or someone (his sisters) is in his way...he will mow them down. Sounds like a football player to me! PSU here we come!

Are you gonna get out of my way or what?

We didn't think Sarah would ever crawl and then one day...she just started moving. She never rocked like Ava or Luke and she never did the army crawl like Lily. She just crawled. Sarah was the first to talk. She says mom mom mom and da da da. She sounds like a freight train when she's soothing herself to sleep (for like 45 minutes). I can't believe she never loses her voice. I think the other kids are so used to it that it puts them to sleep. She has been trying to pull herself up, but falls quite frequently and gets frustrated. She has the stomach muscles, but now needs to work on her leg muscles. She loves to clap. She wants you to do it with her. She has also started feeding herself bottle. We are still working on this because she loves to play with it instead of eat, especially at night. She is also extremely flexible. She ends up in all kinds of contorted ways and doesn't seem to mind. She is our little gymnast!

Are you talking about me?

Lily is the sweetest little thing. Her smile is so big and beautiful. It's enough to cheer anyone up no matter what is going on! Sometimes you don't even know she is there. She is so quiet and then every once in a while, she'll get a huge burst of energy and start waving her hands and screaming at the top of her lungs. She loves to hear herself and talk to things (table legs, stuffed animals, toys, anything...). She has not said any real words yet, but we're thinking any day now. She is crawling, slowly, but surely! She is so tall that we think she just doesn't know how to control all her body parts just yet! It's a lot to lug around! She is the first one to wave hello though! So everyone has a first...YAY!

Lily is pooped!

Now for some pictures of the past three weeks events.

Mom Mom (my Mom) playing with the kids!!!!

Grandpop (my Dad) playing with the kids!!!

Nana (Nick's Mom) came down for a visit for two weeks! We had a great visit and she helped out a lot. She especially helped Mom Mom out a lot during the day while Mommy and Daddy were working. Thanks for all your hard work Nana. I know it's not easy or much of a vacation, but the kids loved seeing their Nana and they had sooo much fun with you! We miss you already.

Nana playing with Sarah and Ava!!!

Aunt Jeri came over for a visit!

Gina, Sandy, and Savanna came down from PA for a visit!

Grandpop just can't get enough, but he does hate his picture taken!

Nana is teaching the kids how to stack and count!

Mommy at home on a Saturday afternoon!

Not posed pictures, but two of the cutest pictures ever!!!

We bought pea pods for the kids for when we travel. A great suggestion by fellow quad moms. They are tents that have an air mattress that fits inside. Well, we though the kids could start getting used to them and now one of them has become a permanent fixture in our living room! They love to play in it.

Grandpop playing again!

Nana teaching Ava how to roll over! Ava loves being upside down!
Lately, since I've started work, I've been a little tired and grouchy to say the least. I miss the kids terribly when I'm at work and when I come home, I'm exhausted, but happy to see them! I run in the bedroom, change my clothes, wash down (because at school, there are a million germs!) and jump right in. Nick does the same when he comes home from work. It's like Groundhogs Day around here. It can get a little overwhelming at times, but it's all worth it when you look at their faces everyday and realize that you have created something this special and unique. It is simply amazing. I look back and think, "I carried all four of you, in MY did I ever do it?" With lots of help and support from a loving family!
Mommy having fun with the kids!

Nana reading Luke and Sarah a story.
Mom Mom is having a last play with Lily and Ava before bed.
Luke loves to get into mischief when it's nap time! One day while the kids were supposedly napping, Mom Mom and Nana went in to check on them and found that Luke had realized that Lily was next to him and pull down the head bumper and the two of them were having a conversation. How adorable!

Another day when the kids were napping Luke somehow took off his diaper and was found playing with his poop! GROSS! It was everywhere! I know I'm gross! What do you want? I'm a little boy discovering new things!

Usually every week there is a least one picture of my Uncle Jay playing with the kids. He usually comes over every other day or so for playtime or to help feed at night. Well, he was sick, and of course, didn't want to get the kids sick, so he stayed away for about a week. When he finally came over for a visit after he was better, the kids obviously missed him as captured in the photo below.

Hi Great Uncle Jay! We missed you!

Ava and Luke playing in the Pea Pod.
What happy babies! Ava and Luke playing in the crib after being changed and getting ready for bed!

We decided to take the kids out for a little trip to have lunch at a place called Pop's Sunset Grill. It's on the Intercoastal, so Nick and I took the kids by car and Grandpop, Mom Mom, Nana, and Uncle Jay went by boat and met us there. The kids did really well. It was very hot. They were fine until it was time to eat. We have a hard time giving them bottles when we are anywhere, but home. So after about 2 1/2 hours, we left. They did eat when they got home. Here are some pictures from our excursion:

I love this song Daddy, let's dance!
Look Mommy, I'm cool!

It's hot and I'm exhausted!

Great Uncle Jay and Mom Mom with Luke and Ava. We're so thirsty!

Since it was so hot, we started giving them water out of a real cup! They loved it and couldn't get enough!

Nana and Sarah dancing!

Mommy and Ava.

Daddy and Sarah playing and Nana and Luke having some fun!

Sarah feeding herself a bottle!

Mommy being attacked after getting home from work! I love it!


I though this was such a cute picture of Ava napping!

Well below you'll find some videos of the kids! Enjoy! I'm not sure when I will post again! I'll shoot for next week....they'll be 11 months old!