Wednesday, April 23, 2008


On Monday, April 14th Kelly took a long awaited pregnancy test at 8 o'clock that night (about 12 hours before the doctor suggested). It showed two very faint pink lines. She was so used to seeing tests with only one pink line that she thought she was seeing something that was not really there. Kelly asked Nick to take a look and tell her what he saw - he had no idea what to look for. He said he saw two lines. Kelly asked, "Are you sure?" "Yes, there are two lines. Why? How many are there supposed to be," questioned Nick. Kelly replied, "We are supposed to see two if we are pregnant." Nick smiled and asked, "Are you definitely sure?" To reassure herself Kelly took another test in the morning. When the test came back positive she called the doctor who immediately sent her for a blood test.

On Tuesday, April 15th the blood results indicated that Kelly's Beta numbers were 1,426 which is a very strong POSITIVE. Since the numbers were so high, she was sent to get more blood work on Thursday, April 17th. Her Beta numbers had more than doubled - they were 3,583. The doctor said that the results were very indicative of carrying multiples and scheduled Kelly for her first ultrasound on Wednesday, April 23rd. She was now 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. During the ultrasound, the doctor saw three developing sacs and one empty sac. He then scheduled Kelly for a followup ultrasound to determine if the fourth sac was viable. Kelly and Nick could not believe that they were pregnant in the first place, but were at a loss for words when they found out there were three babies let alone the possibility of four.