Monday, March 30, 2009

22 Weeks


Sorry it has taken me so long to post. There has been a lot going on and I've just been tired. Things are going well though. The quads were Christened on March 22nd. Thanks to all those who helped. My Grandmom, Laurie, and her mom, Gail, flew in for the ceremony. Those who couldn't make it, you were missed, but we took pictures for you. We had quite a few visitors at the Christening and the after party. My Mom's cousin (mine too) Debbie stopped by yesterday as she was visiting with friends in Punta Gorda. It was a great visit!

The quads have become quite active lately. There have been no rollovers yet, but there have been some close calls. There is a lot of socializing going on. They are now starting to realize that they all exist. They are begining to talk to each other. They are all smiling big and laughing and require a whole lot more attention. They want to be talked to and played with and they yell if they are bored. It's quite funny, actually, but at the same time, with four, it leaves you with no time to get anything done. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world though!

They are growing very fast. I'm not sure how much they weigh, they go to the doctor next month for a well check up, so I'll get their official weights then. I'll guestimate though. I think Luke weighs about 15 lbs, no lie! He is huge, but solid. Lily probably weighs around 14lbs. Sarah is around 12.5 lbs and Ava is around 11 lbs. I'm just may be more. You can tell how fast they are growing just by looking at the pictures.

Ava's feeding therapy is going well. We were going every week, but we go again in three weeks. The therapist believes that she is doing very well. Maybe she won't need therapy anymore.

I have finally finished the scrapbook, thanks to Laurie's help and my mom, Gail, and Grandmom watching and feeding the kids while we finished at 10:30 at night. I also went through a lot of their clothes that they seem to be growing out of at a rapid weight. Some things they have only wore one or two times! Time to make a GoodWill trip, or save for other friends who had or are having babies. Pregnancy is spreading like wildfire at work. I had mine in October, another had one in January, one just had one a week and a half ago and two more are pregnant and due in October. Let the good times roll!

We were also on the front page of the local paper this week. We decided to do it because of the Octomom and all that craziness. It really focuses on fertility issues to show that there are valid reasons to seek the help of a fertility specialist. I'll post the link if you are interested in seeing the article. There were pictures in the paper, but they weren't posted on the web, but they are in these photos attached. It was titled Precious Miracles: Completing a Family.

We are looking forward to some visitors in the weeks to come. Nana is coming for another visit in April, Aunt Tara and Kara are coming for visits in May. Anyone else coming? Just let us know! We love visitors!

My goal this week: Get their photo albums caught up to date!

Talk to you all soon!


Newspaper Article:

The Christening

Other Pictures

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

21 Weeks Old

Hello All!

It's been a fantastic week. Theya re all doing well and we believe we have them all on a pretty good schedule now! The eat at 6am, 10am, 2pm (nap), 6pm, & 11pm. I'm sure something will happen to mess it up! I heard teething is the worst. I guess that will be starting next....

Sarah had her first try of feeding with a spoon this week. She didn't like it too much! We'll keep practicing. Ava is just smiling constantly! Lily seems to wake up crying in the morning. She is happy when she sees you though...she is smiling from ear to ear! I swear, Luke is going to skip crawling all together. He wants to walk!

Nikki and George brought the kids Phillies Champion Onsies for when they are a year! Perfect timing for this upcoming season! GO PHILLIES!
Great Granny D just came in today. She'll be here for a week! Aunt Laurie & Gail are coming in on Saturday. We're excited to see them all. The Christening is this Sunday. I'll post pictures of it next week.
Ava is still going to therapy. Nick and I took Sarah with us today, so that my mom only had two at ws a nice trip out. The weather has been beautiful....80 and breezy...just perfect!

Catch you all next week!:):)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

5 Months Old

This week seemed to fly by like the others. It went so fast, I feel like there is nothing new to report. Everyone is doing very well and getting so big. Today I tried to put Luke in something and it was 0-3 months. It didn't fit. It was so tight...I couldn't believe it. He never even got to wear it. So, I had Christening dresses which my mother-in-law had purchased for them, thinking at the time that 0-3 months would fit. I had to take them all back today, and of course, they didn't have them in any bigger size. They said they are doing away with that department. So I had to hurry up and order them online because they are getting Baptized on March 22nd. It will take 2-3 days.....I hope!!!!

Another thing about Luke...he puts off soo much heat. He is always sweating it seems. I don't understand. He's not sick. His temp. had been fine. I guess he's just a He is solid. He's a big boy.

Ava had her first round of feeding therapy today. She has to go once a week every Wednesday at 10:00am. It's an hour drive. She may have to go more than once a week. Didn't you know I have that much time on my hands for just her! Thank God Nick and I have help. So, back to the feeding therapy. Since she has issues swallowing (going down her windpipe), she has feeding therapy to teach her to eat the right way and teach me ways to improve her eating habits since she is a terrible eater. The therapist told me to start feeding her rice cereal. That should be fun! They said she may have problems with her speech as she gets older, but just because she has feeding therapy, doesn't mean she definitely will have speech problems. Stay tuned on that one!

Sarah has become happy baby this week. She coos and plays and is definitely a morning baby! She is so happy when she first wakes up. She is so funny. She also loves to poop when you are feeding her. She thinks it's hilarious! Therefore she doesn't eat very well. It's cute, but it does get frustrating after a while.

Lily is just always happy, but always wants to be held. She was very unhappy tonight, which is unusual. That is why I am so late writing this. We couldn't get her to calm down. She was having a crying fit and she finally fell asleep. Now the trick is to get her up to eat later...that will be fun!

Not much else to report. Oh, Nick got a guitar. He bought it from our accountant, who is in a band. Nick finally got a book today to learn how to play. I'm sure he'll have lots of fun with it. Now I need to find something for me to drown myself in when I have some free time. I still plan on finishing my scrapbook this week and get some pictures in order.

Have a great rest of the week:)


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

19 Weeks Old

This week has been busy! Great Aunt Susanne left and so it's been hectic getting used to one less person helping. She left us high and dry! All I have to say is Thank God for cereal! The kids have been doing pretty well sleeping through the night, except for Ava. She has been having a rough time adjusting, still. Sarah used to be the demanding one, not it's definitely Ava. She's either really happy or she's crying or throwing a tantrum! She's pretty strong too! She was so mad in her gym a few days ago that she scooted herself all the way around the mat in a complete circle and then ended up on the rug! She still is spitting up quite a bit...the gosh! Will it ever end. She had a gastroenterology appt. on Monday and she looks great, but has to stay on the reflux meds (Prevacid & Reglan). He said it will get worse before it gets better. Sarah had her last cardiology appointment today. She is free and clear! YAY!

We ordered two more cribs and hope to have them by next week. We'd really like to have the kids room finished....someday. I'm also hoping to finish the scrapbook I started, work on the babies books this upcoming week, and get some of my pictures in albums! I'm feeling very ambitious for next week, aren't I? Nick is also doing well...he has been working a lot! We're still hoping and praying for full time soon!

A special thanks to Great Aunt Susanne for all of her help last week eg.(sleepless nights, dinners, helping change up the schedule with cereal. We had a wonderful visit with her and I'm sure the kids will miss her....we already do! When did you say you were coming back???

We're looking forward to many visitors in the weeks and months to come...and hopefully get the o.k. from the doctor to soon go out with the kids on a real trip! Darn RSV season....yuck!

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy the video clips and the pictures. Remember, you can click directly on the picture on the slideshow to see the pictures bigger and to go through them at your own pace!