Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hakuna Matata !!!

What Happens When 16 Women Get a House Together For Vacation?....

DSCN6042 Relaxation happens, that’s what. There are no worries. That’s not what most people would think though. Most people would say, “Wow, I bet there’s going to be a lot of DRAMA in that house. It’s definitely not going to be a vacation. Not with 16 Moms who are used to telling kids what to do!” Well……., they would be wrong. Really wrong! It really was, without a doubt, the MOST relaxing vacation I’ve ever had in my entire life! Really!

Last year, I enjoyed myself when we got together for the first time, but it was hard for me because my kids were still little. They were only 7 month old preemies and I was missing them so much. Not that I didn’t miss them just as much this year, but I felt like I had no worries this time! They have grown so much and are healthy. I was a little nervous last year because I was meeting the other Quad Mammas for the first time and didn’t know what to expect or how to act. I was quiet and subdued and only stayed for a few days. Knowing after the trip last year that I had nothing to be scared of, this year I kicked back and was me. I knew I wouldn’t be judged. These other 15 beautiful women are so much like me in so many ways that it’s scary. We all have our own personalities, which made the trip so much more fun, but when you get down to it, we are the same. Not just because we all have quadruplets, but because we have the same fundamental values, the same thoughts about things, and we all know how to relax and have a good time. The idea that we are in this together, forever, gives me chills!

Like I said, I really and truly enjoyed myself. I got to know everyone better and got to meet faces that I had not seen before. Personalities, I knew, having e-mailed back and forth with them. These women are truly wonderful and I am so thankful to call them my friends!

I would like to say some Thank You’s to people that helped me have such a wonderful, relaxing vacation:


First, I would like to thank my husband, Nick, for not giving me a hard time about this trip…he in fact implored me to go and to make sure I let loose and relax this year…That, I did honey, that I did!

  100_2235     DSCN5546

Thank you to Nick, Mom and Dad for taking care

of the kids and keeping rituals and schedules in place…not letting me worry about anything and telling me everyday that I called that the kids were doing great!

Now for the Thank You’s to the Wonderful Women who made this trip special for me:


Jenna – Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful group of women, including yourself, and being my travel partner. I really enjoyed our flight conversations. We do, really have so much in common, it’s scary! I love that you are so calm and take things in stride. You are very unique and I love you for it! Thank you for being my friend.






Sandra – Thank you for being real and making me laugh! You truly are original and I couldn’t imagine a trip without you. You make me smile every time I hear your voice… love that dang accent! I had no idea you were so multitalented and could do so many things at once. Thank you also for being my “momma” when I was feeling ill. Thank you for being my friend.


Jenn – Thank you for letting me into your world. It was nice to finally get to know you! You are a beautiful soul and every time I think of you …. I just picture you smiling. You have a beautiful smile…it ranks right up there next to Suz. I can’t wait to enjoy your company again next year. Thank you for being my friend.


Misty – Thank you for being so thoughtful and genuine. You have an incredible sense of how people are feeling and when they need something….that makes you the momma of the group. So you don’t have 4 children, you have 19 children! Thank you for being my friend.


Beth – Thank you for being hilarious! You better never ever decide that you’re not coming on this trip… there anything else we don’t know about you…you’re funny, you have the funniest expressions, comebacks, you can sing (seriously) and rap (seriously), and our trip would never be the same without you! Thank you for being you! Thank you for being my friend.


Moni – Thank you for being so laid back and free. For some reason, I completely relax when I’m around you! You are such fun spirit. I admire you sense of You are so beautiful! Thank you for being my friend.

Heather – Thank you for getting to know me. I am so glad I finally got to know you. You are so sweet and charming. Who could resist you? You are quiet, but full of those “one liners”. I love it! Thank you for being my friend.DSCN6018 Casey – Thank you for the trip. We could have never ever all met without you! It is truly because of you that any of this became an annual thing and I am grateful to you. You are one of the sweetest people I know and a true friend. Thank you for being my friend.



Kami – Thank you for being you! You are naturally beautiful inside and out and you just have this aura about you that I can’t put my finger on…I feel good inside when I’m around you! It was great to get to know you finally. Thank you for being my friend.


Jac – Thank you for being yourself! You are one in a million and the most down to Earth person I think I’ve ever met….probably one of the smartest too. I truly look at you and think, if she can do it, so can I. You also have such a great sense of humor. Thank you for being my friend.


Charity –  Thank you for the laughing, smiling, and  crying. I really feel that I got to know you so much better this year. We both relaxed a LITTLE more, and enjoyed the ride. I look forward to next year! Remember, I stayed pasty, just for you! Thank you for being my friend.

MariThank you for all of your help with the trip

planning. Our place was incredible! You are incredibly inspiring to me. You are just as sweet as you look. Amazing just does not cut it…you are so calm and have such wonderful advice. Thank you for being my friend.


Shirts courtesy of Casey’s online store (

  AJ – Thank you for being one of the strongest

women I know. When I look for strength, I think of you. You are wise beyond your years and I think of you often. I’m glad I got to know you. You are a kindred spirit! Thank you for being my friend.

RSCN6123 Suz – Thank you for being you and letting me into your world. I feel like I definitely got to know you better this year. I loved listening to your stories of the past. You are a sweet, compassionate woman. Once again, when I think of you, I picture your smile and think of your positive outlook on life. Thank you for being my friend.


Gen – Thank you for the girly time and making me feel like a princess. I look up to you more than you know. I hope I can be the best mom I can be to my three girls and Luke, like you are to your three girls and Russ. You have a wonderful outlook on life as well and I admire that. Thank you for being my friend.

It’s like we’ve known each other forever…….you know……that best friend you’ve had your whole life that took forever to get to really know and be 100% yourself around and you’d never find that friend anywhere else….I feel that way about all of these girls!

We love our children and are thankful that through them we have found each other.

So in another 30 years or so when we get together for Quad Mammas 2040, we will be our own group of “Golden Girls” and I will sing to them:

Thank you for being a friend.
Travel down the road and back again.
Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant.

And if you threw a party,
invited everyone you knew.
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
and the card attached would say,
thank you for being a friend.

PS: The title incase some of you all are not Disney fans…”It means no worries……for the rest of your daaaayyyysss. It’s our problem free, philosophy…Hakuna Matata!

For complete details of the whole trip visit Suz’s blog at:

Love to all!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holy Momcation!

16 Best Friends
Front (left to right)
Back (left to right)

mom·ca·tion [mom-key-shuhn]

a period of suspension of all mommy duties, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday: 16 moms of Quadruplets met in Austin, Texas for a 5 day momcation
a part of the year, regularly set aside, when normal activities of wiping bottoms, administering time outs and referring to yourself in the third person are put aside
freedom or release from preschool activities
an act or instance of vacating with 15 best friends who are collectively called mom by 67 children

Quad Mommas 2010

We, as always, had the time of our lives and encourage all of you ladies to do the same. When you have unconditional friendships like these, life is so much sweeter. We can't wait for next year!