Saturday, March 6, 2010

Almost 17 months

Happy belated Valentines Day to all. It has been busy as usual. Here are a few pics below to try and fill you in on what has been going on around here for the past month and a half or so. The kids have been growing like weeds, Nick and I went away for a weekend to visit some friends, and my Aunt Susanne came down for a weekend. The stories are below!

L to R Lily Grace, Luke Nicholas, Ava Elizabeth, and Sarah Lynn 
(In case some of you still don't know)

Lets begin with Sarah....
I used to think she was the whiniest, but she has finally come into her own. She is walking much better now (before, she kind of walked sideways and was very unbalanced). She is talking up a storm. Some of her new words are circle, duck, chicken, cracker, cookie, yeah, thank you, and hi. She is still the biggest eater, but the skinniest little girl. She loves food. She is starting to become very vocal about the other kids pushing her around. She loves TV. She is our couch potato. She also loves to dance and she actually moves her hips back and forth. She has learned how to march and she has FINALLY gotten one of her top front teeth in. YAY! The other one looks like it will be in any day now. She seems to be, right now, the calmest of the group and doesn't get into trouble much. She is very independent of the other three. She likes to play alone. She loves to clap and play pat-a-cake. She loves to smile and give eskimo kisses.  

Where do I begin? Let's just say he is a boy. He has become quite the bully to his sisters. When any of them has what he wants, he pushes them down and snatches it. MEANY! He has no interest in TV or playing with toys, unless he's throwing them or banging them against things, or hitting his sisters with them. The only thing he interested in are things he's not allowed to have or touch. He's smart enough to know what he's not allowed to touch and when he touches those things, he waits for someone to look at him, smiles, and when you get up to get him, he runs away crying! He does however, LOVE to play basketball. Daddy is proud of him for that. He loves any ball really. He also has learned a couple new words. Some of his new words are ball and book. He likes to play with the dogs (tortures them really) and laugh at them and loves to feed them his food. He also lets you know when he's tired and ready to go to bed. He also just got another hair cut today. His hair grows so fast!

Ava is the dancing queen. Everytime she hears any music, she starts to dance. She doesn't seem to have much rhythm and is all over the place, but she's having fun and tries her hardest. She also likes to watch TV. She has the heartiest laugh, but also has the most deafening scream. She gets very frustrated when she can't make something work and shrills and screaches. She loves to learn how to do new things, but doesn't want any of her sisters or brother to play with her. She is very stingy. She is also a snatcher. When she wants something, she helps herself to it!  She also has this thing where she likes to dig in the back of her diaper. We're not sure what's she's looking for, but her pants are always hanging in the the back and her diaper is streched out. Has anyone else ever encountered such a thing? We have found out recently that she has her own language. She does say a few words, such as book, one, two, thank you, juice, sock, shoe, duck and moo, but most of it is jibberish such as bazhing, bazyhoo and duba. Her newest thing is spitting out her drinks all over the kitchen floor and smearing it all over with her hands. SHe also likes to bite...we're trying to get that under control now. All in all, she is very happy, but definitely likes to be challenged, or she will challenge you!     

Lily has been quite the developer this last month. She has really come a long way. She is the thinker of the group. She loves to read, put puzzles together, hide things in drawers, test your patience, while smiling always. She is constantly taking of her shoes and socks. She hates to wear them. Thank goodness we live in Florida where 75% of the year, she probably won't have to wear them, unless we're going out, of course. She LOVES to play with baby dolls and feed them medicine and bottles (fake of course). She makes the feeing noises and says "aaaahhhh" to comfort them. She is also the jokester of the group. She has this thing where she loves to walk around with things on her head (toys, rags, socks...whatever..). She thinks it's funny and wants you to laugh at her. She also loves to tickle. Her and Sarah love to do this together. When she is hungry, she pulls out her chair, but also loves to share her food with the dogs. She is Luke's partner in crime. Whenever he is doing something wrong, she's right there with him. Even if he gets in trouble, she'll do it after he's done it. I don't quite understand it???? She has expanded her vocabulary quite a bit. Some of her new words are book, ball, shoe, thank you, chicken, yeah, and no.

We've moved from high chairs to booster seats and we'll be getting rid of our night time bottles soon. I'm sure the kids will be o.k. with it. It's me who doesn't want to give them up. It's the only time of the day, besides when they are sleeping that they are quiet and still enough for me to cuddle with them and I miss that. Theya re growing up way to fast for me! I hate it! Below is a picture of them drinking bottles on their own, but I still pick one up to hold them while they are drinking. They have all been feeling a little under the weather lately...fevers, runny noses...but nothing too serious.

Nick and I also took a trip to a small town in Ohio to visit our old roommate, Krista, her husband Brad, their family, and their brand new baby boy Connor Alan. Below are some pictures of us.

Isn't he adorable? I know I sound crazy, but it does make me I want another one?

I wonder if Nick is thinking the same way is me? He's a natural isn't he? I wonder??????? LOL

Krista is such a great first time Mommy. She is doing wonderful..Her schedule is great and it shows...Connor is calm, happy, and sleeps sooo good!

Sucha wonderful baby! We hope to see you sometime this summer Connor and hope that you are not too big yet!

We miss you already and can't wait to see you this summer:)

I thought this picture was funny. This is what Luke and Lily do sometimes when they are hungry and someone is in the kitchen doing something. They think someone is getting something for them. They are like the dogs! Speaking of which. I need to show my other babies because they are my first babies and I think they are feeling a little neglected sometimes.
This is my our first born, Zelda. She is pretty good with the kids, but she has put on a little bit of weight recently since the kids like to share their food with her.
This is Zoey. She definitely feels neglected and always wants attention. She is also pretty good with the kids, but she does look sad doesn't she?

My Aunt Susanne was down as well. She was nice enough to plan her trip down when Nick and I went away for the weekend to help my parents out with the kids, but Nick and I got to spend time with her as well when we got hom. She stayed for 10 days. We are just so sorry that it was cold most of the time she was here....she is a sun goddess and likes that heat! Maybe next time. I think she had a great time with the kids, but I think she was ready to go home...they have this effect on people now. They exhaust everyone! They are just busy little bees and never stop until they sleep. Just watching them move around is enough to make anyone tired. Below are some pictures of Aunt Susanne and the kids!

Mom and Aunt Susanne playing with the kids.
Sarah and Great Aunt Susanne
As you can see it's not easy to take pictures of the kids anymore. They just won't sit still!

We've finally delved into scibbling wiht crayons. Below are some pictures of the kids first drawing experience by themselves. We taped paper down to the table so that thy would not eat it.
It worked for a while.

They seemed to enjoy scribbling!.........until....
They realized that they could eat the crayons instead. That was the end of scibbling for a while. They all had crayon stained teeth and tongue, but I didn't get a chance to take pictures because they were a mess and had to be cleaned up before they swallowed the chunks they bit off! We'll try again soon!
This is a funny picture and a prime example of Ava doing something she knows she is not supposed to be doing!
I had to post this picture for Nick. He loves this velour suit on Luke. It is his favorite. Great Aunt Jeri bought it for him and Daddy thinks he's pimpin'.

This is a great picture of Daddy and our little couch potato Sarah lounging around watching tv. Farewell for now! I'll try my best to post sooner than later. Great Granny D is our next visitor at the end of the month. She is staying for a whole month! YAY! Granny, if you're reading this, you may want to bring some ear plugs and rest up before you get here! These kids will keep you moving, that's for sure!