Sunday, January 1, 2006

Our Battle

Being an only child, Kelly knew that she always wanted to have children. Kelly and Nick wanted to expand their family after they wed in 2004. After exhausting all conventional methods of conception, they decided to seek the advice of a specialist in 2006. Kelly was diagnosed with PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome and Hypothyroidism, which prevented her from getting pregnant. Her doctor recommended that in order to improve her chances of conceiving Kelly needed to get a surgical procedure called a laporoscopy to remove cysts that were blocking the fallopian tubes. They continued their attempts to conceive following the surgery but did not have any luck. Her doctor prescribed Clomid to aid in the process and eventually insemination. After several unsuccessful cycles, Kelly and Nick resorted to Invitro-fertilization with I.C.S.I. in April 2007. However, they were heartbroken when the cycle failed. They were determined to try again as soon as she got the ok from her doctor. In June 2007, Kelly and Nick exhausted their patience, emotions and cash reserves to try Invitro-fertilization with I.C.S.I. one last time. They were devastated when their doctor reported the news with a phone call in July when Kelly learned that the two eggs stopped developing. It was at that point, that the couple decided to put their baby plans on the back burner. Then in March 2008 Kelly and Nick sought the advice of a new doctor to get a second opinion. The doctor suggested using a medication called Follistim with insemination, a procedure known as super ovulation. He explained that the cost of this procedure was minimal compared to one session of Invitro-fertilizationwith I.C.S.I. FINALLY, on the first attempt, it happened. The moment they always waited for was here!!