Sunday, April 11, 2010

18 Months and Growing Like Weeds

Wow! It's already been 18 months. They all go for their 18 month check-up at the end of this week. So sorry it has been a while. I can give you every excuse in the book as to why I haven't posted in a while, but instead, why don't we just get to the posting and most importantly, the pictures!

Here we go!!!

Ava and Lily are riding the turtle together!

They love to be red to. I changed them and read them a story after I got home from the gym. Ava's favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Sarah and Lily love to roll around and play in the big stuffed animals.

Sarah loves the way they feel. She lays in them and wraps them around herself.

It finally got nice out. Yes, it has been cold recently here in Florida! So, we took the kids outside and let them run around on the Lanai. They even wore their sunglasses, for a minute.





Even Grandpop came outside to play. I snuck up and took a picture of him with Lily and Sarah. He hates his picture taken, so these pictures are priceless!

Here is another picture of grandpop and Lily. My friend from work, Becky, gave me a jump-o-lene for the kids to play in. So I finally inflated it and bought some balls (expensive, I might add) and the kids love it!

Here are just some pictures of the kids at their best:)
I think she might have been up to no good! That is her "I'm gonna do something your not going to like, but you love me anyway and think I'm cute", smile.

Has the sweetest smiles. Can you believe that this boy throws the biggest tantrums I've ever seen a boy his age throw? Where do they learn these things? Is it becoming part of the terrible two's?

She loves attention and will love you and smile at you all day if you give it to her!

She has the cutest smile, when she smiles. She always seems to make the same face when I take her picture, and of course it's not the smiling face;)

We had also made plans on a Sunday, since Daddy was off of work to go and have a play date with our friends, Jolene, Alex, Reilly, and Jonah. We almost didn't go because it was going to rain, but we decided to go anyway. So glad we did because the kids had a wonderful time playing outside.

Ava and Lily were playing with the tricycles. I guess they will be the next purchase! Luke loved the swing and was so excited when Alex was pushing him. Jolene, Reilly, and Jonah were playing with the girls so that Nick and I could snap some shots.
Here is Luke laughing up a storm on the tree swing. We did end up having to go inside because of the thunder and lightning storm, but they had fun in there too! Lots of toys. It seems that Jolene could not resist the huggable Sarah who seems to be getting sleepy.
Reilly liked to hold Sarah too! I think because she was the lightest, it seemed to help, but it seemed that Lily was her playmate. They played in Reilly's room.
Most of the time, the kids played in here. What an awesome playroom. Thanks for sharing Reilly and Jonah! They had so much fun. I hope we can do it again soon. Thanks to Jolene and Alex as well for letting us demolish your house and eat your food. We owe you!!

Granny has also been down with us! She came in on March 21st and will be here until April 24th. This gives her the opportunity to spend time with her four youngest great grandchildren. She has six other great grandchildren that she spends time with in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. She has become quite the jet setter. I feel that that is what keeps her young and mobile at the ripe old age of 84. Go Grandog!

Our first trip out with Granny was to the park. We took lots of pictures, but here are just a few.

Granny and Lily taking a stroll. Ava running one can seem to keep up with her.

Luke is just overwhelmed and doesn't know what to do first. He finally decides that he wants to go on the swing with Ava.
Granny swinging Ava and Sarah. We had fun at the park:) Thanks for going with us Granny!!

When Granny gets up in the morning, Ava is ready for her to read a story to her.
Sarah is content with sitting on her chair with her milk and watching TV.

We had other visitors that came down for Easter too:) My Uncle Jay's girlfriend Melissa and her two sons Max and Seth came down to visit and play with the kids. They had loads of fun and we have come to realize that Lily loves the boys and men. She love sto flirt with them and sit with them.

The weather just kept getting nicer and nicer that it was nice enough for the kids to be able to go swimming. The water was too cold in the big pool, but not to cold in the little pool. Actually it's a sand box, but we made do until we get a small pool for them. Lily was a little unsure at first, but she got in eventually. They had a blast!

Ava was a little scared of the Easter Bunny this year.

Daddy, Daddy! It's Easter! Did the Easter Bunny come yet! Can we go check? Come on Daddy, get up!

Yes he did! Look at our buckets!

WOW! Look at all the stuff the Easter Bunny brought! Shiny Eggs! Ooooohhh!

Below is Mommy's attempt at an Easter picture.
L to R: Luke, Ava, Sarah, & Lily




Granny got them a few items too! Thanks Granny:)

We want to be the Easter Bunny!

Ohhhhhh! There's more stuff! Thank you Great Aunt Jeri and Great Uncle Hank! Sarah wants to help open them.

"Hey Seth & Melissa! Don't I look pretty in my new Easter dress?", asks Lily

 "Max, can I wear your hat?"

Great Uncle Jay is goofy sometimes, but we love him anyway! He is so fun! 

Sarah loves to sit with Great Uncle Hank. Luke and Lily show Melissa and Seth how their eggs spin on the tile.

Granny and Nick acting up again! Sarah just can't stay away from the jump-o-lene.

Time to get ready for bed Sarah....say ni night to Granny.
Looks like Daddy is pooped too!

We had a wonderful day! Nana and Pop Pop, thank you for sending us presents! We missed everyone in PA, NJ, and DE.  We love you!

Below is a short video! Enjoy.
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