Saturday, December 12, 2009

Playing Catch up ...Again

Before I review what's been going on, I want to reflect. This time last year...December 4, 2008, Luke finally came home. He was the second born, but the 3rd to come home. He was supposed to come home first, but got an infection and had to stay longer.

Luke in his car seat ready to go!!

Sarah, Luke, and Lily in a crib together on December 5, 2008

Laurie happened to be down visiting when Luke came home! What a great help she was:)

So, here is what has been happening lately. My Mom Mom and Grandpop got the kids a toy box for their birthday and Ava and Luke love to climb in it and play! The only problem is, Ava can't get out once she gets in and cries hysterically! I laugh hysterically.....Does that make me a bad Mommy?

Ava and Luke playing with the toy box.

Great Uncle Jay over for one of his many visits with his Great Nieces and Nephew.

Thanksgiving Day was a lot of fun! We had a lovely dinner with family! We had Great Aunt Kris and Uncle Robert over, Great Aunt Jeri and Uncle Hank over, and Great Uncle Jay over. We had full bellies and the kids loved dinner as well! Below are some pictures of Thanksgiving Day.

Great Aunt Kris missed them so much and as you can tell, they were excited to see her!

Great Aunt Jeri and Uncle Hank with Luke.

Sarah loves to give kisses!!

Great Uncle Jay and sleepy Ava.

Daddy and a tired little Lily Bug.

Great Uncle Robert carving the turkey:)

Mom Mom and Great Uncle Robert smelling the turkey! Mom Mom sure knows how to cook a great Turkey!
The kids are all ready to have a feast!

After dinner, the kids tried some traditional pumpkin pie!
Lily seems to love it!!
Sarah says, "Mmm mmm, good!"

Ava thinks its finger lickin' good!

Luke doesn't care about it because he's just to tired and cranky;(

Great Aunt Kris was there to try and cheer him up!

Zelda says, "I'll finish whatever he doesn't finish!"
Great Uncle Robert reading Sarah a story.
Great Aunt Kris reading Ava a story.
Some of Our Traditional Quad photos
Great Aunt Kris holding Lily & Ava, Great Uncle Robert holding Luke and Sarah.
Nick holding Ava & Sarah, me holding Lily & Luke
Time for bed!
What a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time!