Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Talker and a Crawler

Well, we finally have another crawler and a talker. I'll let you see the short videos to see who they are and what they are saying! Nick and I were pretty excited! Take a guess before you scroll down and post a comment to let me know if your guesses were right! All of a sudden they seem to be growing up so fast! They will be a year old in 71 days. I remember being pregnant like it was yesterday....

Sarah aka "Beeno"

Luke aka "Luke-E-Doo"

Ava aka "Stinky" Lily aka "Lily Bug"

We also had a wonderful night out with Kevin and Sarah Crissman who also have quads (Tanner, Joel, Sophia, and Wyatt ! We had a great time. Drinks, dinner, and a movie! It turned out to be a late night, but it was worth it! Thanks for the great time guys!

Nick and I on our way out! YAY!
Kevin, Sarah, Me & Nick

Below is the video.....make sure you pause the music before you hit play or you won't be able to hear the talker! Have a wonderful week!



Charity Donovan said...

Awwww too cute! look so pretty!!!! I miss that SMILE!!!!! Hugggggs!

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Alright, I cheated. I couldn't wait to see who was crawling and talking and went straight to the video! So adorable! oglad you hadd a fun nigght out! can wee borrow your baby sitters?

jag said...

Congrats on all that big kid stuff! They are so cute! I'm glad you guys got a night out! Good times!

Kimberly & Alex said...

congrats on getting a night out, i'm sure it was much needed. enjoyed the video and pics! your kiddos are adorable.

Laurie said...

My guess is Luke. I was thinking Lily but when I saw her in June she just stared and took everything in. I'm never good at guessing which means that it is probably Sarah. Ok I'm going to check. Good luck going back to work. Glad to see that you and Nick got a night out!!!! Miss you all. I can't believe how much Lily has changed in just little over a month.

Moni Graf said...

Holy hotness, Kelly! You're so pretty! I especially am partial to the "Kelly and Nick" self portrait (you know me).

The kiddos as getting so big and looking more and more grown up every day. Can't believe it's only about 70 days until they're ONE!

Love ya!

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