Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

A few weeks ago, we met our friends David and Jen and their two kids, Lauren and Kristen at Hunsader Farms in Bradenton to get into the fall spirit. They had a huge fall festival there. I know we live in Florida, but it actually felt like fall. It was windy and chilly. The perfect weather to attend a fall festival! We went from 11:30 to 3:30. The kids did great. Everything went smooth. The kids actually got a little wind burn that day. We had lots of fun!!! Thank you Dave, Jen, Lauren and Krissy! We had a blast and couldn't have done it without you :)

Daddy and Lily

The kids enjoying the pumpkins and the hay!

Luke seemed a little hesitant about the hay.

Sarah enjoyed eating the hay.
Lily hates the sun in her eyes.
Luke didn't want to sit in the hay anymore.
Ava was tired of all the pictures.
Dave, Jen, Krissy, the Quads, and Lauren.
I think we had more fun than the kids!
Ava enjoyed waking through the pumpkins.
The wind caught Lily's breath a little bit!
Sarah loved feeling the pumpkins.
As you can see, Luke was scared to death of the pumpkins. He just wanted me to pick him up!
Daddy and Ava
Lily drank her whole bottle in the stroller like a big girl.
Jen and Sarah.
Luke was chillin' in the stroller.
Daddy and Lily.
Dave and Ava
Krissy, Jen, Lauren, and Sarah
Laughing Luke and Sleepy Sarah
Lazy Lily and Anxious Ava
For Halloween, we took the kids to Dearborn Street in Englewood for trick or treating. No, they are not wearing costumes! Why, you ask? Well, we bought them costumes, but I took them back. It was just TOO hot. We are having a wicked heat wave. It was 90 degrees on Halloween. There was no way that we were going to make our kids wear hot costumes! So, we opted for a Halloween T-Shirt with shorts and a crazy top. Below are a few pictures from Halloween.
We're ready to walk!
I almost forgot to tell you that in all the craziness that went on this month, the kids went for their one year check up and they are great! They are now drinking milk and water with no problems. The doctor is very excited about how far they have come! There is a synopsis of each below:

Sarah: 16lbs. 15oz. and 29 inches long. She is in the 2nd percentile for weight and 49th percentile for height. Teeth count: 0. She is talking up a storm. She knows how to do "So Big"! She loves it. We think she will be the next to walk! We'll see.
Luke: 20lbs. 15oz.and 30 1 /2 inches long. He is in the 24th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. He is definitely a boy. He is very rough with his sisters and get in trouble quite frequently for hitting them, pushing them down and taking things from them. Teeth count: He has 6 now (two on the bottom and four on the top)! He's not walking yet, but he is close too.....if he would just stop being so lazy!

Ava: 16lbs. 10oz. and 28 inches long. She is int he 1st percentile for weight and 20th percentile for height. She is done with all her meds and she was cleared at the gastroenterologist! She's free and clear. No more problems. She is now officially walking! She loves to walk. She is very determined! Teeth count: She has 3 (the bottom two and one on top).
Lily: 20lbs. 5oz. and 31 inches long. She is very tall! She is in the 40th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height. She is not ready to walk just yet, but she tries. I think she is just too tall! She needs to gain her sense of balance first. She loves to look at herself in the mirror! She is the most inquisitive and observant of the bunch and she loves to read! Teeth count: She has 2 (on the bottom).

Pop Pop is down visiting and our next blog will be about his visit! Until next time!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Part 3: Visiting with Aunt Tara, Nana, and Granny

We had many visitors for the quads birthday, but we had three special people that flew down from Philadelphia just to help us out and be here for their first birthday. Granny, Aunt Tara and Nana. Below are some pictures from their visit. Enjoy!....... We did!

Daddy huggin' his boy Luke!

Great Aunt Jeri over for a visit to play.

Ava and Aunt Tara

Nana and Ava having a conversation.

Nana playing with her grandchildren.

Aunt Tara wants to take a nap, but Lily's not having it!

Daddy doting over his girls.

Lily holding her own bottle. What a big girl!

Granny and Sarah

Aunt Tara and Lily

Nana with her grandchildren (Luke, Ava, Sarah, & Lily)

Aunt Tara and Nana with Luke, Ava, Sarah, & Lily

Daddy, his sister, Tara, his Mom, Karen, and his four children. Watching TV in their new chairs that Nana got them for their birthday.
Watching the Backyardigans! Their favorite cartoon! They love the music.
Granny feeding Sarah
Granny giving the kids sips of water. They were loving it!
Sarah loves to lounge on her new chair.


Granny with Luke, Ava, Sarah, and Lily

Enjoy watching the video below! If you are viewing this from facebook, you need to go to

I'll be posting more tomorrow for Halloween! Stay tuned!