Sunday, July 27, 2008

19 Weeks

I feel good this week. There is a lot of stretching and pulling going on inside! I cannot feel them moving yet though, believe it or not. I am a little on the tired side a lot, just out of energy. My feet swell real bad when I am on them too long, so I'm trying to stay off of them as much as possible. Other than that I feel great. It's still amazing to me that there are 4 babies in there. We are really excited, but scared, of course. I worry every week that I don't get to see them on ultrasound. I can't wait for my next appointment. I see the maternal fetal specialist next. My visit is scheduled for August 6th. It feels like it's never going to come. I'll hopefully have more ultrasound pictures for you then!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

18 Weeks

I'm finally starting to feel the actual bad side of being pregnant,....if there is one. I look like I am full term right now and I am FEELING it. My body is aching all over. My back is killing me, my face and neck are broken out, and my heartburn is unbearable (no matter what I eat or drink). If I stand for long periods of time, my feet, particularly my heels, hurt and my ankles begin to swell. My cravings are getting pretty bad, but the problem is I don't know what I'm craving. My stomach hurts because my muscles are stretching. Speaking of stretching, I am growing large stretchmarks on my lower stomach and hips. I think I'm starting to feel the babies move. I can definitely feel them when I press my fingers against my stomach. I'm having a hard time finding maternity clothes that fit, if that is even possible. So I have resorted to many sun dresses. Thank God we live in Florida, or we would have a real problem. We're beginning to stock up on diapers and since we now know what the sexes are have begun to buy some baby clothes. They are so hard to resist!

Friday, July 11, 2008

17 Weeks

Hello everyone! Nick and I had another appointment yesterday.....everything is going great according to the doctor. All four babies are doing well and growing good. We are definitely having three girls and a boy. We are very excited. They are getting so big and so am I. I have gained a total of 19 pounds so far. The doctor said I am right where I should be. From what I am told, it seems to be all in my belly (Thank God!) Blood pressure is great! No bed rest so far...I was just told to take it easy. I have attached the ultrasound pictures. There are two pictures of each baby. The first picture is of the baby...the second picture is of the private part that tells you what the baby is. It is amazing what they can see. Have fun trying to figure it out. Baby A looks a little scary because it is the skeleton face and she is looking right at you! Baby B is hard to figure out, but you can definitely tell by the second picture that it is a boy! Babies C and D, girls, are so cute! The pictures turned out very good! My next appointment is August 6th with the specialist! We'll see what happens, but so far so good!