Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

11 Weeks old

Hey all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
These updates are going to get shorter because I take them to the doctor once a month. Their next appointment with the pediatrician is January 19th and January 2nd with the opthamologist, hopefully for the final visit.

This week was a nice week. Granny is still here. She will be here until January 21st. She has been a wonderful help. Nick's Aunt Kris and Uncle Robert came for a visit. We realized this week that there are still really good people in this world. The post office, where Nick works, raised some money for our family to help us out, gave us presents for the kids, and made a snowman and Santa cake that looked fabulous and tasted delicious. I took a picture of it! We had a great Christmas. Next year will be even better when the kids can tear open presents and run around the house.

Lily has realized that if she cries...someone will come and check on her. Her cry is really hearbreaking,....very soft and dainty. Luke has begun to stare at and grab faces if you get to close. Boy is he strong. Sarah seems to be a studier. She loves to stare at people's faces and does everything in slow motion. If she is unhappy, she screams.

Ava is doing great. She is on the lowest possible amount of oxygen she can be on. She is now bottle feeding every other feed 20mls. The rest she gets through a feeding tube (She gets 70mls total). She looks great, although when Nick and I went to see her Christmas morning she was really tired and drowsy because she has just fed from a bottle and was really pooped! So we have no pictures of her with those beautiful eyes open. She now weighs 6lbs. 3oz. We cannot wait for her to come home.

I will have to start doing this monthly. When Ava gets home, I don't know when I'll have time to do this. Talk to you next week!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

10 weeks

Hello again!
Toady was my official due date!!!
It has been another busy week filled with doctor's appointments and no sleep for the weary. We had lots of help this week. Nana (Nick's Mom) and Granny (My Grandmother) were both here and gave a hand where they could. Nana stayed up for those late night feedings! She was a trooper. Granny seems to be in amazement that there are really four babies. She has been helping with the feedings as well. Nana left yesterday and Granny is here until January 21st.

Wednesday was a long day and the first big trip out for Sarah, Luke & Lily. I had to take them up to All Children's hospital for an othomology appointment. Me, Nick, and Nana went. They're eyes are all fine. We have a follow up in January and if they are o.k. then, we don't have to go back. Then Sarah had a cardiology appointment. She had to wear another holter monitor for 24hrs (If you remember, she had an arrhythmia). I don't have the results of that yet, but the doctor seems to think everything is ws just a follow-up to make sure everthing was still o.k. We then went to visit Ava since we were there already. Nick went in first, and then Me & Nana went in to see her. The babies are not allowed in the NICU, so, they had to wait in the waiting room. In between this hectic day....we also managed to feed them 2x and get them home in time for the 5pm feed! On Thursday, they had to go to the pediatrician for their wellness checkup and RSV & HEP B shots. They were not happy babies. Nana left yesterday and we miss her already!

So here are the updates:
Sarah: 5lbs. 11oz. 18 1/2 in.
Luke: 6lbs. 8oz. 19 3/4 in. (has a touch of colic)
Lily: 6lbs. 14oz. 20.5 in. (She's a chunker!)
Ava: 5lbs. 11oz. 18.5 in. She has finally moved upstairs. She is now learning how to feed from a bottle. She is still on some oxygen...but it is a low flow nasal canula. She is finally showing signs that she wants to come home! Yay! She looks amazing. You'll see when you look at the pictures.
Talk to you soon!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

9 Weeks Old

Hello again.
It has been a tiring and exciting week at the same time. Nana (Nick's Mom) flew in on Wednesday. She was very excited to see the quads as they were excited to see her. They asked me to dress them in their Sunday best to see Nana. She has been a great help to us and we are having great fun.

We're having a tough time with the 1am & 5am feedings because Mom Mom & Grandpop (my Mom & Dad) usually do the 5am feeding so that we can get some sleep, but they went away for the weekend. So we have been up doing both feeds and trying to sleep in between, but it has been hard. I can't sleep during the day....I'm trying though.

As for the quads, they are doing great. Sarah and Lily are settled in nicely...although Lily is still having a hard time doing number two. She makes a lot of grunting noises. It's a sin. I don't know how she sleeps soundly. Sarah sleeps so soundly that I have to check to see if she is breathing. Luke.......oh Luke. He had his one week check-up and he is doing great. He now weighs 6 lbs. 2oz. He's gained 10 oz. in a week. What's not so great about Luke is that he's got a little bit of the colic.....and he sqeals like a pig when he cries.....he screeches. Of course he is fine during the day and gets colic at night. We're dealing with it though. He'll get better and adjust soon. Ava has finally made some strides. She has finally went down on her oxygen. She is now on 2 liters of oxygen at 30-35% and is tube feeding 15mls an hour. She has started small bottle feeds. She is taking 5mls 2x a day. She now weighs 5lbs. 3oz. and is 17 1/4 inches long. Hopefully she will continue making these improvements. Please keep her in your prayers.

Well I gotta's time to get ready for the 1AM feed. I'll talk to you next week...We have another visitor coming in this week, Great Grandmom (my grandmother).
Enjoy the pictures. Talk to you soon!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

8 Weeks

Hello Again!

It's been an extremely busy week. Luke was supposed to come home on Tuesday, but had a bradycardia so he could not come home. I already had a doctors appointment scheduled for all three of them, but I still had to take the girls. They look great. The doctor said that they look great for preemies. They have both gained weight too. I was very happy about that because they were not eating very well when I first brought them home. They are pretty hearty eaters now. Lily is eating 3 1/3oz and weighs 5lbs 10oz from 4lbs 14oz last week. Sarah is eating 2 1/3oz and weighs 4lbs 10oz from 4lbs 2oz last week.

Luke did come home finally on Thursday night and Aunt Laurie came in for a visit that night as well. I took hime to the doctor on Friday morning and he now weighs 5lbs 6oz. and is eating 3oz. He is having a little trouble adjusting and is very fussy! We're still working on schedules. They are eating every 4 hours. Luke and Lily eat at the same time and Sarah eats alone. She is a slow eater.

Aunt Laurie has been helping us settle into a routine. It's going to be hard when she leaves tomorrow because it's nice to have the extra pair of hands. Especially when I am up late by myself trying to do two feeds. I stay up until 2:30 am doing the night feeds. Nick stays up with me if he doesn't have to work. My mom and dad get up for the 5am feed and I get up again in time to do the 9 am feed. It seems to work for us right now. I am tired, but am doing ok. Thank goodness Nana (Nick's Mom) is coming down on Wednesday.

When Nick and I go to the hospital to visit Ava, Aunt Jeri comes over to help my mom if my dad is working. Ava is pretty much the same. She is making very small improvements. She is still on 4 liters of oxygen at approximately 30-35%. She looks great and is very active. She now weighs 4lbs 11oz We don't know if she'll be home in time for Christmas, but we're hoping that she is. Speaking of which, we also took pictures this week for our Christmas cards. They turned out great. I don't want to give it away so you'll see them when you get yours. I'll post the pictures around Christmas time.

Well gotta go....need to get ready for the 1:00 AM feed!!!
Talk to ya next week!