Saturday, December 25, 2010


      Merry Christmas and Happy New

Year from our family to yours!


IMGDSCN7071 DSCN7208 DSCN7166 DSCN7169DSCN7170

We are so excited for Santa to come!


We’re looking for the angel in the tree



Below are the kids 2 year updates

from October


DSCN7173                 DSCN7192

My Little Handsome Devil Luke weighs

24.8 lbs. and is 33.5 inches tall. He

is doing excellent!



Ava, Miss Smarty Pants weighs 22.5

lbs. and is 33 inches tall. She is

doing fabulous!



Lily, my tall Skinny Minny, weighs

22.38 lbs. and is 34.8 inches tall.

She is on the thin side, but is doing







Sarah,my Goofball, is 20.5lbs.and

is 33.7 inches tall. She is also  on

the thin side, but eats like a horse!

It must be from her Daddy’s genes.

She continues to go to occupational

and speech therapy where they say

she is making great strides. She

is doing awesome!

So, we went to visit what we were

told was Santa where we could bring

our own camera and take pictures

for free! Sounds awesome, right?

Well, here are the pictures. Not the

perfect Santa, but the pictures are

funny and they are something we can

definitely look back and laugh about!


DSCN7132 DSCN7137 DSCN7140 DSCN7143   


All I can say is, we do live in Florida


Have a very Merry Christmas and I’ll

see you again next year!

With Love Always,

The Trullinger Family

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What’s Been Goin’ On??

A review on our fall…………..

It’s been very busy around here to say the least, so let me catch you up on what you have all missed over the past 3 1/2  months and then let you know what we are doing now.

We love to have play dates with our friend Brandt. He is Heather and Joe’s son. I work with Heather and they live right around the corner.

We also had 2 surprise visitors over Labor Day weekend! Our friends Becky and Tom came for the weekend. The kids had a blast playing with them, and so did we after the kids went to bed!


    Then Great Aunt Susanne came down for another visit! Boy, she sure is having a hard time staying away! We didn’t get many pictures this time because Mommy was working, but we had a good visit! I’m sure she’ll be down again real soon!


DSCN6568  DSCN6572 DSCN6574 DSCN6569

Then, our friends Erin and Drew who moved back to Florida from California came down from Tampa to visit for the day! We had fun at the beach! DSCN6583


Our play date buddies Heather and Brandt and Jolene and Reilly and Jonah came to the beach as well. We had sooo much fun!

We also celebrated their 2nd birthday on October 11th. They had a great time. We had lots of visitors. There are way too many pictures to post, but here are a few.


DSCN6696 DSCN6701 DSCN6680 DSCN6682

Then, Mom Mom and Grandpop were gracious enough to watch the kids while Nick and I went up to Philly to visit our first niece, Lola Rose. Nick’s brother and his wife, Jackie had her on 10-10-10. How awesome is that? Isnt she beautiful?

DSCN6781  DSCN6775

L to R: Jackie, Gia, Teddy, Tara (Nick’s sister), Me (holding Lola), and Nick.

Here we all are at Teddy and Jackie’s house! We had such a great time. I hope we get to go up and visit again soon, or maybe they can come for a visit with Lola.


We miss you guys! Don’t let her get too big, too fast!

While we were there, in that very short amount of time, we got a chance to see a few people.



We went to see Nick’s Grand pop, George! It was a nice.



My girlfriend Laurie took off a day of work to spend with me. Wasn’t that nice? Thanks Laur!




My Granny also came by for a visit for lunch! Miss you Granny!

 Nick and I also got to spend a little time with some of our closest friends. Thanks for making us feel right at home again!


L to R: Becky, Martha, Me, Anna, and Megan


L to R: Shawn (Megan’s Hubby, Dan (Anna’s Hubby), Nick (My Hubby, of course), Teddy (wife Jackie was at home with baby Lola), Greg (Martha’s Hubby), and Tom (Becky’s boyfriend)


Our Friend’s kids

L to R: Morgan (Greg & Matha’s), Michael (Dan & Anna’s), Katie & Ryleigh (Sean & Megan’s), Max (Dan & Anna’s) & Noah (Greg & Martha’s)





This little one is Else. She also belongs to Greg and Martha. She was being very shy.






On Halloween, we went Trick-or-Treating down on Dearborn Street. This was my first sad attempt at making costumes. The girls were supposed to be ballerinas and Luke was supposed to be a bumble bee. It didn’t take him long to break the antennas I made him. They had a good time and that’s all that matters.


DSCN6881  DSCN6871 DSCN6872 DSCN6877 DSCN6879

This is an oddball picture of Ava that I had to put in here. She loves to pretend like she’s me going bye bye’s. She puts on her sunglasses, gets her purse and her keys. They she rides on the train in the background and says she’s going to Wal-mart. It’s the cutest thing ever!


When we flew back from Philly, we brought back Pop Pop with us. He stayed with us for 3 weeks. They kids were so happy to have him here. Here are some shots of him with playing with the kids.


Pop Pop started a ride with the kids on the chairs that were on wheels. He created little monsters with this one. They couldn’t get enough!


  A few shots of Pop Pop playing with the clan! DSCN6985DSCN6986













Grand pop and Pop Pop saying good night to all the



On Pop Pop’s last day, Sarah and Lily went to the babysitter, so he spent some quality time with Luke and Ava reading stories and playing! We had a great visit with you Pop Pop and miss you lots!


Below is a short video clip of Pop Pop’s lullaby he sang to then every night at bedtime! They were in a trance every time!

My friend from work, Amanda, who just recently had another baby, Ian and is on maternity had a birthday party for her two year old Grace and invited us to come! The kids got to go in a bounce house for the first time. We all had a fabulous time!


Christian, Amanda, & Grace


My two colleagues Amanda and brandy and our kids, plus Amanda’s niece


L to R:  Grace, Lily, Luke, Ava, Emma, & Sarah  

Here is a video of the kids in the bounce house!

 Like, I said before, it has been very busy around here. While Pop Pop was down visiting from Philly, my cousin Dan also popped in for a week from Virginia. He is a nurse and took time off to come down and visit us. We had a great time…and to think, I used to babysit him when he was little! So grown up now:)



He hasn’t been down here to visit since November of 2003 and hasn’t seen the kids since June of 2009. They were only 6 months old. They had so much fun with him and can’t wait for him to come back and visit again!

 DSCN6945 DSCN6977   DSCN6979

 DSCN6975 DSCN6978DSCN6995 

Can’t wait for you to visit us again real soon!

We have also been to the park a lot lately! I took the kids there and met our play buddy Brandt and his mom and dad, Heather and Joe. The kids LLLOOOVVVEEEE the slide. Here are a few pictures from the park!DSCN7044

   DSCN7036 DSCN7008 DSCN7014 DSCN7026


 So, what would be a perfect end to a day at the park? Wendy’s, of course! We must have chicken nuggets!


So now we are catching up…Thanksgiving!

Here are some photos from Turkey Day!


This should show you how different the kids are from each other. Ava was scared to death of the turkey and Sarah went right up and looked at it while Luke and Lily were in awe of it!




Luke says “Time to work off that Turkey girls!”



Well, I hope you had your fill for now! So sorry it’s been so long. I will be doing a short post on Christmas morning! Till then, I hope you have all your Christmas shopping done and are prepared!


Till then,