Sunday, July 19, 2009

9 Months Old

Hello all!
We are all finally caught up and are up to date! Yay! This week was the week of catch up for me. I officially start work on August 3rd, but I'm going to start going in this upcoming week for a few hours at a time to get my classroom together since I was out on maternity leave so long. I'm also doing it so that I can get used to being away from the kids a little at a time. It's going to be so hard for me. I guess I'll get through it. Most people have to do it, but most people don't have to leave four at once!

As I was saying this week was a week of getting things caught up. I got the kids baby books all caught up to date, got their photo albums up to date, and copied all the pictures from the computer to CD in case something ever happens to the computer. We also bought gates and rearranged the living room to make more space for the kids. Ava is officially crawling, as you will see in the videos below. As far as her results from her tests. it showed that she does had a severe case of GERD, but nothing more serious. There are no blockages and the tissue results came back fine. So, the doctor is switching her meds to Nexium to see how that works and we just have to keep trying to work with her to eat more food.

We are starting a new schedule this week. We are going to try to ween them down to three bottles a day with more jar food in between, but if Ava doesn't seem to handle it well, we'll keep her at four bottles.

Sarah and Lily look as if they are about to start scooching soon. We'll see. Luke is just a big lug. He is so stiff. I'm gonna have to do exercises with him to help him flex or something. So no, he is no where near crawling. When he reaches for something and pushes it out of the way by accident, he cries because he can't reach for it. Besides crawling, Ava is already pulling herself up on things. She is really a piece of work for being so tiny! All four of them are talking away telling stories. It's especially funny when they go down for their naps or when they wake up and they are in there talking. I swear they have their own language.

Last Sunday Great Uncle Robert and Aunt Kris came over for a visit. We had a good time as always. This time they got to spoon feed them. Fun, Fun! Yesterday, we went to the Sophia, Tanner, Joel, & Wyatt Crissman's first birthday party! We had a blast and the kids really enjoyed themselves, so much that they slept in an extra hour this morning. It was really great hanging out with them all. We're gonna do it again real soon!

Below you'll find our traditional slide showand short videos below the slide show. Have a great day!

Remember, press the pause button on the music bar before you play it!!!


Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Glad to hear that nothing major is wrong with Ava. Even though GERD is a major pain to deal with. Hope the new meds work out. A crawler! Wow! that is amazing! Have fun! Two of mine are trying but not getting any where!

Anonymous said...

Watch out, it gets crazy when they are mobile. Your kiddos are SOOO cute!

sarah said...

Kelly-- We had a great time on sat! Your kiddo's are soooo... cute, and Ava she is so adorable crawling everywhere( small but mighty!),she sure gave Tanner a run for his money! Can't wait to see you all again! Sarah

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