Saturday, October 3, 2009

Approaching ONE year!

So..... it has been a few weeks and I haven't posted in a while. It's been pretty busy around here. Nick and I have both been working and the kids have been miserable, but coping. We took them all to the doctor last week and Sarah has/had an ear infection and Luke has/had fluid in his ears. They all had red throats and they are all teething. Needless to say, it has been a rough couple of weeks. We did take them to get their 1 year pictures taken anyway! OH, and we have their first birthday party coming up next Sunday! We have loads of people coming and some special people flying in.

My Grandmom flies in this Sunday and Nick's mom (Nana) and Nick's sister (Aunt Tara) are flying in on Wednesday. We are so excited to see everyone and even though Nana left not to long ago, the kids have some new tricks to show her!

They are all eating, well most of them are eating jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, goldfish, cookies, soup, grilled cheese, name it, they probably eat it. Luke still plays with most of his food, but he's working on it. We think he's just being lazy! He wants someone else to feed him.

They all need a haircut! Where in my hairdresser when you need her to fly down and give them all their FIRST HAIRCUT?

He they are all eating lunch while the vacuum cleaner, Zelda, patiently waits to clean up after them!

They love their grilled cheese!

Lily and Ava having a conversation about their beautiful outfits that Nana got them! Aren't they precious?

The kids have had an obsession with the camera lately! Every time I try to catch them to take a picture or video of something they are doing, they hear the beep of the camera and come crawling real right now it's kind of hear to get good natural shots of them! Look below and you'll see what I mean!

So, you want to know what everyone is doing?

Sarah loves to clap and dance. She is standing up and wants to walk, but is not bending her knees just yet, so when she goes to take a step, she falls forward. She gets banged up quite a bit. Poor baby! She loves to eat table food, especially sandwiches She tends to be the loner this month. All the other kids take anything she has away from her and knocks her down. So, she realized that she is better off in a corner somewhere playing by herself where no one can see her and take anything from her. She is also the only one, right now that can hold her own bottle and actually feeds herself. The others just play with it when they hold it. She still does not have any teeth yet!

Love that smile!


Luke has been very whiny lately....not sure what is going on with him. I know he has some fluid in his ear, but he has been very mean to his sisters! He hits them, pulls their hair, knocks them down, mows over them, snatches things right from their hands, scratches and grabs them, and yells/screams in their face until they cry. He doesn't really eat his table food, he smashes it in his hands and then throws it! He loves attention and when he's not getting it, he whines and throws tantrums! He can be a very a very good boy too! He is standing now and walks holding onto things, he loves to play ball and chase things when you toss them. He has four teeth coming in at the top! I'm hoping that that is why he's not being very nice to his sisters.

Look at my teeth!

Ava has been chugging right along .....little Missy may or may not be walking...I'll let you see the video below to see for sure! She loves to eat as well! Surprise, surprise and none of them have been taking reflux medicine! Only because thy recalled it and they haven't gotten any in yet, but they have come so far that I think we're just going to let it go! Ava has two teeth on the bottom and has her four top teeth coming in at the same time just like Luke, but is no where near as miserable as Luke is. I guess what they say is right, every child is different...even if you give birth to them all at the same time! She loves to play, shred magazines, especially ones ones that haven't been read yet! She loves to find things to get into...things she shouldn't get into and can't ever sit still until it's time to sleep! She definitely knows what the word "NO" means. When you say it to her in a stern voice, she cries. Even if she did nothing wrong. Her hair is finally growing in!

You know you love me!


Lily, Lily, Lily....what can I say. She looks so cute in pig tails doesn't she? She has so much hair. She can finally stand up on her own and crawls pretty fast. She has finally figured out that she has a voice and loves to scream and yell! She loves to laugh and smile. She is very clumsy and falls all the time, but I'm gonna say it's because she is so tall! She is at least 3 inches taller then her siblings. She is starting to thin out a little, because she is moving around a lot! She has no teeth yet, but she has become quite a thumb sucker!
I think my teeth will be coming in soon!

Below is a short video! Enjoy! Next time I post, they will be ONE! I can't believe it!


sarah said...

Way to go Ava!!!!!!She is doing great, so cute. Looking forward to the party. talk to ya soon- Sarah

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Lily has more hair than my 4 put together! What a bunch of cuties! Can you believe, so close to ONE year! Boy time flies when you're havin' fun! Good job Ava! Don't worry about teeth because once they have them they use them on each other and Mommy! Have a blast at next weekends huge celebration!

The Cochran Crew said...

Precious!!!!! They are so stinking cute! Love ya!

Misty said...

they are just so adorable! So glad for the update, Love ya!

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