Monday, October 26, 2009

Part 3: Visiting with Aunt Tara, Nana, and Granny

We had many visitors for the quads birthday, but we had three special people that flew down from Philadelphia just to help us out and be here for their first birthday. Granny, Aunt Tara and Nana. Below are some pictures from their visit. Enjoy!....... We did!

Daddy huggin' his boy Luke!

Great Aunt Jeri over for a visit to play.

Ava and Aunt Tara

Nana and Ava having a conversation.

Nana playing with her grandchildren.

Aunt Tara wants to take a nap, but Lily's not having it!

Daddy doting over his girls.

Lily holding her own bottle. What a big girl!

Granny and Sarah

Aunt Tara and Lily

Nana with her grandchildren (Luke, Ava, Sarah, & Lily)

Aunt Tara and Nana with Luke, Ava, Sarah, & Lily

Daddy, his sister, Tara, his Mom, Karen, and his four children. Watching TV in their new chairs that Nana got them for their birthday.
Watching the Backyardigans! Their favorite cartoon! They love the music.
Granny feeding Sarah
Granny giving the kids sips of water. They were loving it!
Sarah loves to lounge on her new chair.


Granny with Luke, Ava, Sarah, and Lily

Enjoy watching the video below! If you are viewing this from facebook, you need to go to

I'll be posting more tomorrow for Halloween! Stay tuned!



Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Great pics! Our girls love the couches. But be careful, they stack them and climb onto the big couch and jump off! Thank God we have three in helmets! I still can't get over the pony tails! Too cute!

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