Saturday, October 24, 2009

Part 2 - The Quads First Birthday Party!

I know it's been quite a while since I've posted. All I can say is lack of time! So here are some pictures from the kids 1st Birthday. We had it on their actual birthday October 11th. We had a few visitors from up north come down! Nana (Nick's mom) and Aunt Tara (Nick's sister) came down for their birthday and were a big help with getting ready for the party! Granny (my grandmother), flew down as well. We had a full house here! It was hot, but everyone had a great time! Especially the kids! Enjoy the pictures!

The girls all dressed up for their birthday.

Ava, Sarah, Lily & Luke...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Aunt Anna and Uncle Dan got them their outfits. Aren't they cute?

They' re opening gifts!

We had a Baby Einstein Birthday!!!

Their Birthday Cake made by a friend of mine at work, Kristen Manomat.

She also made smash cakes for the kids.

Kathy playing with the kids.

Brandy playing with Luke

Granny with Sarah

Aunt Tara with Lily

Jenny, who is expecting (yay), with Sarah and some of the kids playing....

Sarah and Lily1

The Crissman Quads came to help us celebrate!

Jolene giving cuddles to Ava.

Lily waiting for her cake.

Sarah waiting for her cake.

Ava waiting for her cake.

Luke is very patiently waiting for his cake.

Ava and Sarah digging in!

Luke and Lily digging in!

All four eating their cake.

"It's kind of sweet", Sarah says.

"I don't want to get too dirty", Ava says.

"This is all mine?", Lily asks.

"Boy am I full", Luke says.

Aunt Tara, Nana, Daddy, Mommy, and Mom Mom with all four.

Luke looks done!

Ava's still diggin' in.

Sarah loves the chocolate!

Lily loves the texture!

Mary and Lily.

The Trullinger family....we made it through...... the 1st year!

They Trullinger Quads and the Crissman Quads.

Mom Mom with Lily & Sarah.Sarah & Luke loves their new chair that Nana got them for their birthday.
Look how much fun everyone is having!
Nana and Ava.
Lily Bug!
Nana and Luke.
Luke E. Doo
Great Aunt Kris and Luke
Aunt Tara and Great Aunt Kris feeding Ava and Lily.
Nana feeding Sarah.
Aunt Tara got two of these wagons for the kids. We've been using them and they love them!
Great Aunt Kris and Great Uncle Robert with Lily and Ava.
Mommy and Lily after and exhausting day!
Nana giving hugs to Sarah.

Thank yuo to all who came and all who sent gifts from up north! Good night everyone....what a wonderful birthday we had! See you again soon!

Stay tuned for Part Three: Visiting with Aunt Tara, Nana, and Granny

Nick, Kelly and the Quads!!


sarah said...

We had such a wonderful time at the party. It is so nice having a friend who has gone through so many of the same ups and downs. It is still amazing to me how many changes the babies(your beautiful little ones, and my own) went through in just one short year. They are true miracles and a blessing from above.

Ps. Sarah, Lily, Luke, and Ava-- I know it will be a while before you realize how special your Mommy and Daddy are, but they are also Amazing!

Congtrats on The big ONE Trullinger Family!!!

Hugs---The Crissman family

Misty said...

what a great party! Loved all of the pics!
Congrats again on the 1st year!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying reading your posts! I finally got to bring all three of my triplets home recently and with my four other boys, that makes seven children! It's nice to see some other big families.

Anonymous said...

hi friends

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Nick- I don't know how u do it all?
I only have one and I am tired!
Jenn Papa

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