Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy First Birthday Part 1!!

A look back at one year ago...........

October 11th 2:15 pm: They are ready to come out:) Mommy and Daddy are ready to meet our 4 bundles of joy:

Mommy is exhausted & scared, but ready! Daddy is very excited, but nervous!

The First Born and the first to come home Baby A: 3:06 pm Sarah Lynn 2lbs 10oz. 14 1/4 inches long.
Look how much she has grown! What a big girl!
The Second Born and the third one to come home Baby B: 3:07 pm Luke Nicholas 3lbs. 5oz. 16 inches long.
Look what a handsome boy he is now!
The Third Baby Born, but the last one to come home Baby C: 3:08pm Ava Elizabeth 2lbs. 13 oz. 15 3/4 inches long.
Look how small. Daddy's wedding band fits on her wrist!
Look at this happy baby now!
The Last Baby Born but the first to come home with her sister Sarah Baby D: 3:08pm Lily Grace 2lbs. 14oz. 15 1/2 inches long.

What a beautiful girl!
Their first day home together and their first group picture together February 8th 2009
Look how far they have come. Amazing! We love our Squad!

Stay tuned for Part 2 - The Quads First Birthday Party!


Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Aw how cute! Oh no, I forgot party hats! I hope my kids don't say "Hey, Mom the Trullinger's had hats, why don't we?" They sure have grown! Love the last pic of all 4 sitting! So adorable!

Stephanie said...

How neat to see how much they have grown!!
Happy 1st Birthday!!!

jag said...

Kelly, they are such beautiful children! I ADORE the up-dos! So cute! Happy happy birthday sweet babies!

Lauren said...

What a blessing they are! I'm so glad that they are all happy, healthy, big 1 yr. olds now!

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