Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sick and Miserable

So....this is going to be short and sweet with a couple of pictures because it has been very busy around here. The kids are all sick and pretty miserable. The all had low grade fevers that never turned into anything more, but they all have stuffy, runny noses and are whining just about all day. They even whine themselves to sleep. I'm hoping this passes soon because I hate to see them so sad. They even look sick and tired!
I start more schooling (on-line classes) tomorrow, for work......long story. So, that should be fun...trying to add more to my plate! Life goes on I guess and we'll make it work somehow!
Nick is doing well, working more! He's very excited for football season! GO EAGLES!

Grandpop brought home a big stuffed dog yesterday....The kids were all over it! Where will we fit it? I have no idea!

Luke says, "GO EAGLES!"

You can see that Lily is not feeling good!

Ava says, "I'm sick, but I'm fine!"

Sarah says, "Look at me, I can stand!"

Talk to you all again next week!



Following HIM said...

Oh Kelly...hoping your sweet babies feel better soon. Four babies sick=no fun! HUGS coming to you girl!!!

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Oh so sorry you guys got it too. I feel for you all. Two weeks later and we still have fussy runny noses. Hope you guys are feeling better soon! Good luck!

jag said...

Poor babies. I'm so sorry. Hope they are well soon.

Stephanie said...

Hope they are feeling better soon..sick babies are no fun!

Lauren said...

I hope you all feel better SOON!

Jac Tubre said...

I hope you guys are well soon! Love the pictures and look at Miss Sarah standing...geaux girl!


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