Sunday, December 7, 2008

8 Weeks

Hello Again!

It's been an extremely busy week. Luke was supposed to come home on Tuesday, but had a bradycardia so he could not come home. I already had a doctors appointment scheduled for all three of them, but I still had to take the girls. They look great. The doctor said that they look great for preemies. They have both gained weight too. I was very happy about that because they were not eating very well when I first brought them home. They are pretty hearty eaters now. Lily is eating 3 1/3oz and weighs 5lbs 10oz from 4lbs 14oz last week. Sarah is eating 2 1/3oz and weighs 4lbs 10oz from 4lbs 2oz last week.

Luke did come home finally on Thursday night and Aunt Laurie came in for a visit that night as well. I took hime to the doctor on Friday morning and he now weighs 5lbs 6oz. and is eating 3oz. He is having a little trouble adjusting and is very fussy! We're still working on schedules. They are eating every 4 hours. Luke and Lily eat at the same time and Sarah eats alone. She is a slow eater.

Aunt Laurie has been helping us settle into a routine. It's going to be hard when she leaves tomorrow because it's nice to have the extra pair of hands. Especially when I am up late by myself trying to do two feeds. I stay up until 2:30 am doing the night feeds. Nick stays up with me if he doesn't have to work. My mom and dad get up for the 5am feed and I get up again in time to do the 9 am feed. It seems to work for us right now. I am tired, but am doing ok. Thank goodness Nana (Nick's Mom) is coming down on Wednesday.

When Nick and I go to the hospital to visit Ava, Aunt Jeri comes over to help my mom if my dad is working. Ava is pretty much the same. She is making very small improvements. She is still on 4 liters of oxygen at approximately 30-35%. She looks great and is very active. She now weighs 4lbs 11oz We don't know if she'll be home in time for Christmas, but we're hoping that she is. Speaking of which, we also took pictures this week for our Christmas cards. They turned out great. I don't want to give it away so you'll see them when you get yours. I'll post the pictures around Christmas time.

Well gotta go....need to get ready for the 1:00 AM feed!!!
Talk to ya next week!



Karen said...

They are so precious. Yes, Nana is coming Wednesday, and it cannot come too soon. I am sure Laurie loved being there, and was sad to leave you and the children, but happy to go home and see Joe and the kids. I know she was a big help, and it'll be a tough act to follow "just messing with ya" !

Laurie said...

Well I can't believe that I was there and back so soon. I enjoyed every moment, especially the quality time during the baby's feedings. I must say that you guys make a wonderful team. It was a pleasure to come down and help out whenever I was able. Hopefully everyone had a chance to catch a break. It sure was tough to leave and even worse when Kelly said, "Well aren't you going to give them all kisses?" Thanks to her I couldn't hold back. I am glad that I took the time to come down and share in the happiness. The babies are all beautiful and unique in their own ways. Can't wait to come back down. Plans are already in the works and my plane just landed a few hours ago. Talk to you soon. In the meantime I hope Lily keeps giving mom-mom presents in her diaper, Luke gets through the gap between 9 and 1 feedings, Sarah continues to pack on the ounces, and rooting for Ava's lungs to get stronger so she can come home soon.
Love and miss you already,
Aunt LaLa

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