Sunday, November 30, 2008

7 Weeks

Hello all! It has been a very busy week to say the least. Lily did not come home on Monday. She had lost a few grams, so they wanted to keep her one more night for observation. It turned out to be a good deal though because we ended up with a two for one special on Tuesday! Lily and Sarah both came home. It was very exciting for us. My Aunt Jeri and Uncle Hank made us a beautiful stork sign with all four babies on it. You'll see it in the pictures. It is really neat!

It was a rough night for me to say the least. I did not sleep at all! Not because the girls kept me up (they slept great), but because I was worried about them. I kept checking them to make sure they were still breathing. I guess I'm a worry wart. On Wednesday, I had to take them both to the pediatrician to get a check-up. They were both fine. Sarah did lose a little weight overnight because she was not eating enough. She is stubborn when it comes to eating. Her sister Lily LOVES to eat. Lily gets extremely fussy when we are even a minute late with her feedings! Sarah is 4lbs. 2oz. and Lily is 5lbs.

As for Luke.....he now weighs 5lbs. It looks like he maybe coming home Tuesday???? We'll see. Let's pray for no bradycardias or he'll have to stay another 5 days. He looks great!

Ava is still pretty much the same. She is still on oxygen through a nasal canula... 4 liters at 33%. The doctor said her lungs sound great but they are tight (she has shallow breaths). She just needs to learn to take those deep breaths, but she's been on oxygen for so long that I personally think she's getting lazy! She is gaining weight (4lbs. 10oz.) and she is in a crib maintaining her own body temperature. The doctor said to grasp on to the little things. As long is she is not backsliding...that's what's important.
O.k. so there you have it! Two home and two more to go. Well, gotta run! I have diapers to change and bottles to feed......................By the way, I love every minute of it!!!!

Make sure you pause the music in the green box before playing the video.


jag said...

I'll bet you do love every minute! I drove poor Jillian nuts the first few nights checking for breathing! Take care. We're thinking of you!

Laurie said...

Thanks for the pics and video. They are adorable. Love the stork! We're pulling for Ava and praying that she will soon be home with the gang. Can't wait to see you guys - 2 and a half more days but who's counting?


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