Sunday, December 21, 2008

10 weeks

Hello again!
Toady was my official due date!!!
It has been another busy week filled with doctor's appointments and no sleep for the weary. We had lots of help this week. Nana (Nick's Mom) and Granny (My Grandmother) were both here and gave a hand where they could. Nana stayed up for those late night feedings! She was a trooper. Granny seems to be in amazement that there are really four babies. She has been helping with the feedings as well. Nana left yesterday and Granny is here until January 21st.

Wednesday was a long day and the first big trip out for Sarah, Luke & Lily. I had to take them up to All Children's hospital for an othomology appointment. Me, Nick, and Nana went. They're eyes are all fine. We have a follow up in January and if they are o.k. then, we don't have to go back. Then Sarah had a cardiology appointment. She had to wear another holter monitor for 24hrs (If you remember, she had an arrhythmia). I don't have the results of that yet, but the doctor seems to think everything is ws just a follow-up to make sure everthing was still o.k. We then went to visit Ava since we were there already. Nick went in first, and then Me & Nana went in to see her. The babies are not allowed in the NICU, so, they had to wait in the waiting room. In between this hectic day....we also managed to feed them 2x and get them home in time for the 5pm feed! On Thursday, they had to go to the pediatrician for their wellness checkup and RSV & HEP B shots. They were not happy babies. Nana left yesterday and we miss her already!

So here are the updates:
Sarah: 5lbs. 11oz. 18 1/2 in.
Luke: 6lbs. 8oz. 19 3/4 in. (has a touch of colic)
Lily: 6lbs. 14oz. 20.5 in. (She's a chunker!)
Ava: 5lbs. 11oz. 18.5 in. She has finally moved upstairs. She is now learning how to feed from a bottle. She is still on some oxygen...but it is a low flow nasal canula. She is finally showing signs that she wants to come home! Yay! She looks amazing. You'll see when you look at the pictures.
Talk to you soon!


jag said...

Way to go Ava! I can't wait until she's ready to come home! Looks like you guys are doing great!

Karen said...

I will be back, to be continued. I love you all "S"

Merry Christmas

Precious Darlings

Love Nana

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