Sunday, December 28, 2008

11 Weeks old

Hey all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
These updates are going to get shorter because I take them to the doctor once a month. Their next appointment with the pediatrician is January 19th and January 2nd with the opthamologist, hopefully for the final visit.

This week was a nice week. Granny is still here. She will be here until January 21st. She has been a wonderful help. Nick's Aunt Kris and Uncle Robert came for a visit. We realized this week that there are still really good people in this world. The post office, where Nick works, raised some money for our family to help us out, gave us presents for the kids, and made a snowman and Santa cake that looked fabulous and tasted delicious. I took a picture of it! We had a great Christmas. Next year will be even better when the kids can tear open presents and run around the house.

Lily has realized that if she cries...someone will come and check on her. Her cry is really hearbreaking,....very soft and dainty. Luke has begun to stare at and grab faces if you get to close. Boy is he strong. Sarah seems to be a studier. She loves to stare at people's faces and does everything in slow motion. If she is unhappy, she screams.

Ava is doing great. She is on the lowest possible amount of oxygen she can be on. She is now bottle feeding every other feed 20mls. The rest she gets through a feeding tube (She gets 70mls total). She looks great, although when Nick and I went to see her Christmas morning she was really tired and drowsy because she has just fed from a bottle and was really pooped! So we have no pictures of her with those beautiful eyes open. She now weighs 6lbs. 3oz. We cannot wait for her to come home.

I will have to start doing this monthly. When Ava gets home, I don't know when I'll have time to do this. Talk to you next week!


jag said...

Girl, you have some cute babies! I absolutely love visiting your blog and checking up on your little miracles. I'll miss the weekly posts, but I SO understand! Let me know if you need anything. I sure wish you lived closer so we could get together. Maybe one day...

Amy said...

They are sooooo beautiful! Merry Christmas! I know it must have been hard to have to go to the hospital to see Ava on Christmas morning instead of having her at home with her brother & sisters. I am so happy to hear that she is slowly but surely getting better. We love to look at your pictures & read your blog because it really makes us feel closer to you. I totally knew which baby was which (in the pic where you asked if we knew who was who)! Take care of yourselves as well as the babies & we can't wait to hear more good news about Ava! Happy New Year!
Amy & family

Becky said...

Hey guys. The babies are so beautiful and getting so big! I can't wait to see all of you. Ava's progression is amazing. Nick and Kelly, I am so proud of both of you. Keep up your amazing strength and faith. I love you all.

Samrya said...

Hello Nicki and Kelly,
Greg sends me your updates evertime he get's it. I look forward to it everytime. Your babies are beautiful. I know how exhausting one can be i can't imagine 4. The both of you look like your doing a wonderful job.
Take Care.
Teresa ( greg's sister)

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