Sunday, December 14, 2008

9 Weeks Old

Hello again.
It has been a tiring and exciting week at the same time. Nana (Nick's Mom) flew in on Wednesday. She was very excited to see the quads as they were excited to see her. They asked me to dress them in their Sunday best to see Nana. She has been a great help to us and we are having great fun.

We're having a tough time with the 1am & 5am feedings because Mom Mom & Grandpop (my Mom & Dad) usually do the 5am feeding so that we can get some sleep, but they went away for the weekend. So we have been up doing both feeds and trying to sleep in between, but it has been hard. I can't sleep during the day....I'm trying though.

As for the quads, they are doing great. Sarah and Lily are settled in nicely...although Lily is still having a hard time doing number two. She makes a lot of grunting noises. It's a sin. I don't know how she sleeps soundly. Sarah sleeps so soundly that I have to check to see if she is breathing. Luke.......oh Luke. He had his one week check-up and he is doing great. He now weighs 6 lbs. 2oz. He's gained 10 oz. in a week. What's not so great about Luke is that he's got a little bit of the colic.....and he sqeals like a pig when he cries.....he screeches. Of course he is fine during the day and gets colic at night. We're dealing with it though. He'll get better and adjust soon. Ava has finally made some strides. She has finally went down on her oxygen. She is now on 2 liters of oxygen at 30-35% and is tube feeding 15mls an hour. She has started small bottle feeds. She is taking 5mls 2x a day. She now weighs 5lbs. 3oz. and is 17 1/4 inches long. Hopefully she will continue making these improvements. Please keep her in your prayers.

Well I gotta's time to get ready for the 1AM feed. I'll talk to you next week...We have another visitor coming in this week, Great Grandmom (my grandmother).
Enjoy the pictures. Talk to you soon!


spfinn3 said...

The babies look great!!!! Ava is so adorable. I keep saying prayers that she'll be out of the hospital soon.

jag said...

The babies look so cute (as always). My parents took the weekend off when my mother in law came for a visit too. She was AWESOME help, but my schedule got a little nutty with the change. I think Luke should meet my Jack. They could have a contest to see who squeels the loudest! Thanks for the update! Talk to you soon girl!

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Your babies are adorable. I delivered 4 girls on Oct. 17th. So I am following your blog. We only have two home so far. Your are doing great! Keep up the good work!

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