Sunday, September 13, 2009

11 Months Old

This has been a fun week. We have started feeding the kids real food and their reactions to the new textures are funny. We gave them buttered spiral noodles with butter and parmesan cheese and cooked carrots as their first meal on the tray for them to eat. We have also been putting little pastini noodles in their stage food for more texture and making soup with pastini for them. They are getting used to it. Sarah does a great job eating even though she doesn't have any teeth yet. We hope soon because she has been miserable.

Miserable, but still cute as a button! She is trying so hard to stand up, but her legs are still weak. She gets so frustrated.

Cutie pie! My Lily Bug is always smiling! She is talking up a storm. Not sure what she's talking about, but she has these huge bursts of energy. She is working on standing up too!
Ava is starting to grow like a weed! She is something! How such a little girl that was so sick could turn into such a smart little stinker.....I still can't believe it! Love that smile and her giggle is contagious!
Luke-E-Doo! My little man. Daddy wanted me to make sure that I took a picture of him in his Converse sneakers!. He is so handsome.....definitely a ham. He loves to bounce!

I had to take this picture. I was practicing messing with her hair since she is growing it in so quickly! I think she looks adorable.
This is Daddy on Sunday Morning.....Lily says "Wake up Daddy, I want to play!"

On Saturday when Daddy was working and MomMom and Grandpop went away for a couple of days, Mommy and Uncle Jay took the kids to the mall and walked was a rainy day, but we wanted to get out of the house. Today, Sunday, Daddy and I took the kids for their pictures at Sears, but we have to go back to finish in a couple of weeks because they were getting tired and miserable! They didn't do too bad though!
They haven't been getting their reflux medicine because they recalled it temporarily because of a bad shipment, so they haven't been drinking their bottles so well . We're hoping things get straightened out with that whole thing soon. All in all they have been doing well and are growing so fast. They will be one next month! Boy how time flies! I still can't believe it! They will also be going for their one year check-up so I will have updates for you then.

Below is a short video of Luke and Ava:

Till Next Time:)


jag said...

11 months old already?! They're getting so big! Take care you cuties!

The Crissman Family said...

Kelly- I am so LOVING the girls hair:) Way too cute. They are getting SO big. How is work going? I'll give you a call this week. Talk to ya soon- Sarah

Lauren said...

they are darling! you must be so proud!!

Amy said...

Hi, I love your music choice and your kiddos are adorable! I have an Ava too. I noticed you had a small dog in one of the pics, beware that the little dog might get really fat...mine did when we started feeding table food to our trio lol.

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