Tuesday, June 2, 2009

30 Weeks Old


This week we had a visitor. My friend Kara came down from Philadelphia to visit. She spent a lot of time with the babies and helped out a lot! Thanks for your help Kara!We had a good time.
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I also took Lily to the speech/feeding therapist this week because I thought she might have an issue with spoon feeding. I thought maybe that something was wrong with her tongue because sometimes she just wont eat from a spoon......I was wrong. The therapist said there is nothing wrong with her tongue! WHEW! I was worried. She said that she is just not hungry. She said to take out the cereal in their bottles, except for the nighttime bottle, and they may eat better! So far so good! Who have thought? Not me. I'm just so used to making them eat....which was grilled into me in the hospital since they were preemies. I need to re-adjust.
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We had a barbecue on Memorial Day and Uncle Jay came over and cooked on the grill for us! He has been a great help too, coming over to help out with feedings when he can. He has recently moved here to Florida and we are glad to have him....any more takers?

I can't believe how fast babies actually grow. I can't tell you how many clothes the kids have already gone through not to mention the ones they never even got to wear! I have so many boxes of clothes now, I don't know what to do with them. Mostly girls clothes, of course!

My issue this week.....What is the right kind of diaper to use? All of them seem to leak! What am I doing wrong? When they lay on their backs at night to sleep, it seems to leak up the back. When they sleep on their stomachs, it seems to leak up the front! I've even tried putting them in a bigger diaper to sleep because it holds more!

I haven't forgotten about my quad sisters! I'm so sorry that I never got to make a post about our trip. I have not been able to find any time.....please forgive me girls! I'll get you back soon!

We are leaving in 2 days for our trip up to Philadelphia with the kids! We are flying...not sure how Nick and I are going to do it, but we are! Get out the disinfectant wipes and Germ-X cause the Trullinger Quads are comin'. Southwest Airlines, watch out! I'm so nervous, I feel like I'm gonna get sick!

We are looking forward to the trip....I'm just mentally exhausted. There is so much to do and a lot of preparation when planning for four babies! Not to mention the preparation and planning on the end of the people who are taking us in! Thanks Nana and Pop Pop! We're coming with bells on! BE PREPARED! Make sure you are well rested...THERE IS NO REST FOR THE WEARY!


Till next time!


Anonymous said...

Love the pic with all four.
Isnt it crazy having to adjust to NOT being obessed with how much they eat!
Gotta love Lily for keeping you on your toes too :)

Jenny said...

kel---such cute pics:) getting SO big. About the diapers---have you tried the huggies Overnight diapers. they are the ONLY thing that works at night for my HEAVY pee-ers:) love em. I hope you have a great trip!
Be safe!!
Jenny B

Mary said...

I can't believe how big everyone is getting! I haven't checked the blog in awhile, but they look so wonderful! We still have the link posted in Room 390 for everyone to enjoy! :) So glad to see everyone's doing well. We all miss you guys, but we're glad you're not with us still! Haha.

-Mary... Your all-time favorite PCA/family member look-alike from ACH!

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