Thursday, May 21, 2009

29 Weeks Old

This week has been a fun one.....

We had a few visitors. Aunt Tara was here for 8 days and Great Uncle Jay (my uncle) made his way down here,...permanently! YAY! Another family member if we could find a way to get everyone here, it would be perfect!

This week Aunt Tara (Nick's sister) and I took the kids for another mall trip. Not bad this time. We used the quad stroller this time and they did awesome. We only had to leave because it was time for them to eat! IT did take us a while, however to load the stroller in the car...we couldn't figure out how the heck to get it closed....we did figure it out...after about 15 the hot Florida sun. Thank GOD for air conditioning!

We also took them for a trip to the park......................never again............not until they are able to walk! We thought it would be a great on the swings, slide, rest on the blanket and play......did I mention that we live in Florida, and it is hot......and we have FIRE ANTS??? We must have put the blanket on top of a mound...there were ants everywhere! SO, here we are with no stroller, because it wasn't too far to walk, in the hot sun, a ton of stuff to carry, ..........and did I mention the FIRE ANTS. Aunt Tara got bit on the toe. Ouch! The kids didn't seem to mind everything as much as we did. We'll try the park again in about a year and a half!

Mommy finally took a much needed mini vacation as you saw in the previous post. I went to Orlando with my Quad Mamma buddies. We had a great time! Thank you to my wonderful husband, awesome Mom and Dad, and Amazing sister in law Tara for keeping things in line while I was are all the BEST!

As far as what's new with the kids: They have started to copy everything that you do. It's so cute. Sarah is trying to sit up all ready...go figure, the last one to roll over, but may be the first one to sit up. Either that or she is gonna have some killer abs! Luke and Lily are crawling...BACKWARDS! They'll get it soon I hope! Ava is gonna be trouble, I can feel it coming. She is so deliberate, I swear! They are all teething. Lily and Luke seem to have it the worst. As a matter of fact, while I'm typing this, which seems to be taking hours, I have to keep going in (it's nap time) to soothe them every 5-10 minutes because they can't sleep....they are is so much pain. I feel so bad for them! Poor Babies!

I hope I didn't forget scatterbrained as I am!

Enjoy the pictures and videos!

Until Next Time!


Jac Tubre said...

Oh MY...the adorableness is too much!!!

Luke's little laugh and Ava playing with her daddy is just too cute!!

Miss you girl,

Kami Lambe said...

Hey Kelly! So glad you had a good time on the trip. Your babies are absolutely precious...can't wait til we get to that age. Hope to meet you next year on the trip!

Moni Graf said...

Sorry that the park trip was a bust...all in good time, I guess. We still haven't braved a "real" park yet, and mine are 18 months. So don't feel least you tried!

The pics and videos were too too cute! I love those little giggles.


Shea Kang said...

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