Sunday, November 9, 2008

One Month

Hello Again!
This week has been a pretty good week. All the babies are progressing nicely and are gaining weight, finally! We even have a few feeding from a bottle.

Sarah, the smallest peanut, now weighs 3lbs. 3oz. She is eating one ounce every three hours. She has started feeding from a bottle this week. She gets pretty sleepy half way through her feedings, though. She needs to finish her feedings a little bit faster. She is now being dressed and her isolette is open. Sarah has been maintaining her body temperature pretty well for such a little girl! She also got her footprints and handprints done this week.

Luke, our big boy, now weighs 4lbs. 1/2oz. He is eating 11ml an hour. He is doing pretty well. He was moved upstairs this week with his sisters Lily & Sarah. He is back on antibiotics as of today because it seems he might have another infection. We'll have to wait and see for sure when his cultures come back. He seems to be dealing with it very well. He is not feeding from a bottle just yet, but he is sucking furiously on his binky! Any day now! Luke is also being dressed, but his isolette is not opened yet. He's catching up to his sisters quickly.

Ava, our chunky monkey, now weighs 3lbs. 12oz. SHe is eating 11ml an hour. She is still downstairs. She is not breathing on her own yet, but is trying real hard. Everything else with her is wonderful, but she just needs to work a little harder on her breathing. She'll get there, soon I hope. I know she is lonely without her brother and sisters next to her.

Lily, our long legged girl, now weighs 3lbs. 9oz. and is doing fabulous. She is eating one ounce every three hours. She was the first to feed from a bottle. She is a little piggy. She loves to eat from a bottle and finishes it like a champ. and is also dressed. Her isolette is also open and she is practicing maintaining her body temperature.Lily also got her footprints and handprints done this week.

Click on the website below to see the lastest pictures:
Kelly & Nick


Erin said...

Hey Kelly and Nick!

I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures of your beautiful babies. I am so glad to hear they are doing well!
Take care!

jag said...

Thanks for the update. Favorite pic this week has to be of Lilly trying the bottle for the first time. She looks like she's thinking, "you want me to work for my food?!" So cute! Praying for you always.

Gail Koechert said...

Kelly and Nick,

The babies are growing so fast. Love looking at the pictures and reading your blog. It's the highlight of my week. It's amazing how different they each look. Happy to see them in clothes. I recognize the yellow outfit. Keep up the good work. They will be home soon. Love you

Laurie said...

I am impressed with the blog. It looks great! Looking at the babies brings tears to my eyes. They are beautiful. I cannot believe it's been a month already. Lovin' the clothes. I never thought the pink outfit would be that big on her. I just got off the phone with my mom. The ladies in her quilt class made a quilt for each of the babies. I'll be sending them down soon!
Love you guys,

Alicia said...

Hello Trullinger family!!

I love looking at your pictures and reading about your children's progress. The babies are absolutely adorable and soon enough they will be home in your loving arms 24/7;-) Your friend Laurie is a keeper--I love that she is sending quilts from her mother's quilting class!! Awesome gesture and those quilts will have such meaning;-) Look forward to the next update and I will continue to pray for the family.

Love you,

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