Sunday, November 16, 2008

5 Weeks

Hello everyone!

This week has been a pretty exciting week. A lot of things have changed, for the better. Some of squad may be preparing to come home soon......pending any setbacks. I don't want to jinx it so I won't talk about it too much.

Sarah is doing great. She is gaining weight and now weighs 3lbs. 10oz. She has started breastfeeding and feeding from a bottle every other feed. The rest of the feeds she gets through a feeding tube. I'll be so happy when they all have the feeding tubes out and off of their faces (Lily looks great without hers doesn't she?). They are working her up to full feeds. She is also in a bassinett and maintaining her body temperature well. Her heart was checked again this week while wearing a holter monitor and the doctors say she is fine and has no serious heart issues. She is extremely alert and aware of her surroundings. We may possibly have her home in two weeks, maybe sooner.

Luke is also doing fabulous. He is gaining weight and now weighs 4lbs. 3oz. He has started breastfeeding once a day when I am there, but has not started on a bottle yet. Hopefully soon. He is definitelty ready! He is still receiving his feeds through a feeding tube. He has no infections....lets hope it stays that way...and looks very healthy. He is also now in a bassinett and is maintaining his body temperature. He already has two typical favorite hobbies for a male...eating and sleeping. Sounds a lot like his daddy, huh?

Ava is still steady and working hard to breath on her own. She is gaining weight and now weighs 4lbs. She is still requiring oxygen (3liters @30-40%) from a nasal canula and is still in a isolette, but everything else looks great. She is still separated from her brother and sisters and is very agitated about it! She has a very strong grip and seems to love grabbing and sleeping with her her stuffed cheetah.

Lily is leading the pack right now. She weighs 4lbs 5 1/2oz. and is gaining weight. She is now on full breast/formula feeds. She does not require a feeding tube anymore. She is in a bassinett and is also maintaining her body temperature. She has finally started to realize that if she makes noise, she gets attention....specifically if she cries, she'll get food. She is also very alert and has the cutest cheeks! She is almost ready to go home. Pray for no apnea atacks or bradycardias for a week!

Enjoy the pictures and the short video of the kids. I deleted Sarah's video by accident. I'll get another one next week. When you watch the videos.....make sure you click the pause/stop button on the music (green box) to the left before you play the video so that you can hear the babies.
Talk to you next week!


Laurie said...

How adorable. It's cute now when you disturb them - but am sure that will change when they are all home at once :) Gotta love those little noises that they make. Can't wait to see Sara's video. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the good news keeps on coming.
Love ya. Kiss the babies for me.

Karen said...

OMG, they are thriving and growing and coming along so well. I am so happy for all of them, and for all of us. They know your voices and stop, think and then respond immediately. It just keeps getting better and better. I'll be holding them soon, until then keep those clips and pics coming. Tell your nurses thank you for me, for all their hard work, and care, it is working out fabulously. Nick is just beaming from head to toe. Wow, you got three of them together!!! Come on Ava, they are waiting for you to complete the picture. then it'll be homeward bound.

lowbee said...

them babies are PROUD!

kristaliveinsister said...

Nick and Kelly your babies are adorable. I can't wait to meet them. (I can't wait to see Sara's big eyes in person.)I hope they all get to come home soon. Thank you for sharing your good news and keeping us up to date. I love ya both!

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