Sunday, January 11, 2009

3 Months Old

Well today they are officially 3 months old. This week has been an exciting week filled with visitors. My grandmom is still here visiting and is helping out where she can. My friend Shalena, whom I haven't seen in about 10 years, came down from Orlando to visit. I went to school with her in St. Croix, U.S.V.I. We had a great visit catching up and she was excited to see the babies. Now I have to go and visit hers. My friend Jenny (I work with) and her husband Mike came to visit and brought dinner and dessert for us. It was delicious and needed. She wanted us all to take a break and we did. She couldn't wait to get her hands on those babies! She is truly a natural. She stopped Luke from crying with no problems and put him right to sleep. The only other person that can do that is my Aunt Jeri! We also got lots of gifts this week. Some beautiful clothes from our visitors and Nick's Aunt Lisa sent down some Disney hand rattles for the kids. They are very cute.

They are all doing well, but are learning very quickly how to get picked up......CRY! Lily seems to do it best with her heart wrenching cry. Luke is still colicky, but seems to be improving a little. Sarah is still yelling when she has poop in her diaper. She hates to be dirty. All three of them are now eating 4oz. every four hours. They all seem to have a bit of reflux. I will have to talk to the doctor about it!I'm not sure how much they weigh. I'll find out how much when they go to the doctor next Monday. When I step on the scale and then hold them on the's not accurate, but it seems Lily is 9lbs. or more!!!!.....Luke is about 7lbs. or so and Sarah is probably about 6 1/2lbs. They are getting big. My mom has nicknames for the girls already....Lily LaRue (becuase she is so dramatic) and Sarah is Mimi (as in a screaming mimi). Luke is....well I don't want to tell you what we call him. We never have just one name. Let's just say that we need to come up with something nicer. His screaming and colickyness is driving us crazy!

Miss Ava......She is doing well although she is still in the hospital. They have changed her formula to see if that will help with her reflux. She is now on full feeds and as of 5 minutes ago seems to be tolerating them. She is eationg 2oz. every three hours. She does get tired and doesn't want to finish, so they have been putting whatever is left through the tube. They have changed her formula from Similac to Alimintum and it seems to be working so far.....fingers crossed. She had 2 spits during the day shift today and no spits tonight. She now weighs........drumroll please........7lbs. 8oz. So, she is definitey keeping some of her food down! They said they will send her home with the little bit of oxygen that she is getting, but they have to get the severe (as they call it) acid reflux under ontrol. By that time, she may be off of the oxygen....which may be caused from the reflux!

Well that's all the time for today folks! I have some reading to do. Nick is sleeping and awaiting the 1 am feed and I am going to relax until then!

Enjoy the little hams! It's a slide show. If you would like to see the pictures individually and close up, just click on the pictures on the slide show and it will take you to the regular website just like in past weeks.



jag said...

You're breakin' my heart with the Ava captions! What a little sweetie she is! Lots of prayers that she's healthy enough to come home soon!

Lauren said...

Hi Kelly,

My name is Lauren, and I am 16 weeks pregnant with quads.

Cassie just emailed me because she came across my blog to let me know of the 3 quad families that she knows of in Florida. What a blessing it is to have all your babies doing well!

My husband and I are in Tampa and will be delivering at Tampa General Hospital in early May. Check out my blog at: .

I hope to hear from you soon,
Lauren Green

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