Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Week Old

Hi everyone,
Nick and I have gone to see the babies several times this week already and it is amazing how fast they change. They definitely have their own personalities and features. Sarah is the oldest and seems to be showing it. She has been the first to do everything. She is now up to 8ml feeds every three hours and is now breathing on her own and doing very well. She has very petite facial features. We're not sure who she looks like just yet. Nick said she looks like me, but I'm not so sure. She has huge hands and huge feet. She certainly does not get those from me. She does not like to be messed with. She gets grumpy very easily when she is bothered.
We can finally see Luke's face. He is so adorable, but makes the weirdest facial expressions. We're not sure who he looks like, but we said that in his goofy picture, where he is making a funny face, that he kind of resembles Nick's Dad (Pop Pop). He is also doing very well. He is also on 8ml feeds every three hours and is breathing on his own. He is, however, on the jaundice lights for now.
Lily is definitely playing to the beat of her own drum. She is now on CPAP (breathing mask) with the help of a small amount of oxygen and is on 4ml feeds every three hours. She is catching up to her brother and sister very quickly. She is definitely a daddy's girl. She looks just like her daddy. She has his hair color, even his hair line, his nose, his long fingers, big feet, long legs, ans she sure is hairy. Not only that, but she also has daddy's demeanor in the morning. She is grumpy when she is woken up and does not want to be bothered. She loves her sleep!
Ava has turned the crucial corner and is getting better by the day. She has been taken off of the oscillating ventilator and is on the regular ventilator, so she is still needing help to breathe. She is not eating just yet, but she is receiving IV fluids. They have also dropped her dopemine level. We're not sure who she resembles just yet, but my mom says she looks like me when I was little. She has very small hands and short legs with small feet. We're not sure about her personality just yet because she has been working so hard at getting better that she is very tired and sleeps a lot.
Here are the latest pictures. Click on the link below!
Kelly & Nick


jag said...

Wow! Looking at your pictures takes me back to our days in NICU1. Your babies are so beautiful. I'm not sure which one it was, but I was telling my mom how delicate the features were. You look fantastic, by the way. I didn't attempt "normal clothes" until kind of recently, actually. I think I wore the same 2 pairs of workout pants and tee shirts every day. Well, I know you're very busy. Just want you to know that your family is always in our prayers. Don't push it. Try and get some rest so you can heal.

jag said...

The Phillies?! Just kidding. I'm so happy to hear about Sarah. We pray for your babies often. We LOVE the names! Listen, I know you're driving a long way for visits. Any chance you'll stay at the Ronald McDonald house? If you do, it's very close to our condo and we can bring you food or do little runs to the store for you. I could just pick up what you need and drop it off at the front desk for you. My email address is I've done the NICU scene so if you have any questions or just feel worried and need to chat please email me.

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