Saturday, January 9, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So, I know it's been a while, but it's been very busy around here. Leading up to the holidays there was work and work and shopping and work and more work. Who knew that it would get this crazy with our jobs and kids this time of year! So here are some pictures of the last month. Some updates as well along the way... HERE WE GO!

Below is our Christmas picture that a lot of you got! Thanks to Anna, Laurie, and Martha for the girls Christmas outfits! They were so adorable in them!

Before she went up and froze in Wisconsin to visit her family, my friend Heather and her son Brandt (9 months) old came over for a play date. All the kids had so much fun together!

Heather and Ava
Brandt watching Ava wondering "How do you walk like that?"

Well, we finally did it.....we let them out of the cage to see what would happen and here is what happened....

Luke ran and screamed all around.......until...

he found the cabinets....He decided to make some food!

Lily said "I'll help...I'll stir the pot!"

Then Sarah came over and said "Well, I wanna do something!"

Then Ava came over with her microphone and said " How about I tell you all what to do. Lets have some order in this place!"

Ava said, "O.K. Mom Mom, what do I tell them to do?"

Mom Mom told her and she ran over to tell them all their jobs for the recipe!

All in all they had a great time in the kitchen, but they cried and screamed when they had to be put back in their cage! We have certainly created a bunch of little monsters!

My cousin Ashley came down to spend Christmas with us and the kids had a great time with her. Her and Lily traded hair secrets.

Ava taught Ashley how to blow raspberries!

When we get ready for baths, they love to play in their cribs!

On Christmas Eve, the kids had fun...

Isn't Lily such a flirt?
Ava doesn't like to be interrupted when she is playing! Sorry.
Luke knows he is so handsome!
Come on Sarah, smile...
There it is! Hey cutie pie!

The following was an attempt at a Christmas Eve picture! Like the outfits.....we live in Florida remember!

See the problems we have with taking pictures...such a chore!

Some more pictures of Christmas Eve!

Can you tell Luke is excited for Christmas!

Ava is excited to open presents!
Luke can't wait either!
The kids love to play with Ashley!
Ashley and Luke
Uncle Jay (Ashley's Dad) playing with Sarah and Ava.
Nick and I

Jay, Melissa, and Ashley brought over the kids presents on Christmas Eve and here is what happened.....

They loved tearing off the paper!

Cool....a tunnel! Sarah is sooooo excited!

She climbed right in!

Look at them all! It was a hit! They love it!

Time for bed! Santa will be here soon!

Sarah and Ashley

Melissa and Lily

Finally all the anticipation is over.....Christmas morning is here! Santa was so good to us! Look at all the things we got!

OHHHH! Look at the cool ELMO phones Nana and Pop Pop got us!

Wow! Look at this popper..Thanks Uncle Teddy and Aunt Jackie!

Oh my! Elmo laughs and moves.

Lily says, " Look Daddy, isn't this cool?"
"I love it!!!"

Luke says, "Thanks Uncle Teddy and Aunt Jackie. Now I can help mommy vacuum!"
WOW! Now I can play basketball with daddy!
Great Aunt Jeri and Great Uncle Hank came over with clothes and books. WE LOVE BOOKS!
Grandpop and Great Aunt Jeri playing!

Great Aunt Kris and Great Uncle Robert came over to see us too! They brought us some wonderful learing toys! Thanks!

Great Aunt Kris and Luke

Great Aunt Jeri and Ava
Luke loves this basketball net.....he throws everything in it except the ball!
"So what happened next?", Lily asked Ashley.
Sarah and Grandpop
Great Uncle Jay is helping Luke put together one of his car tracks.
Great Aunt Kris and Sarah
Lily and Melissa
Ashley and Luke
Mom Mom and Zoey relaxing after a long day of presents & cooking.
Great Uncle Jay and Melissa
Great Uncle Hank and Great Aunt Jeri
Daddy and Ava

It was a wonderful Christmas! The kids had a great time and got some wonderful presents. Thanksto allwho gave the kids presents! They had a blast opening them and are enjoying them now!

Grandpop playing with all the new toys.
Great Uncle Jay and Cousin Ashley

We also had another vistor from PA that spent New Years with us. Kara came down and the kids had fun with her.

Me and Kara

Kara and Zoey feeding the kids breakfast.

Sarah loves kisses!

Ashley and Lily

Uncle Jay, Ashley and all the kids L to R (Ava, Luke, Sarah, and Lily)

Bye Ashley! We'll miss you and hope to see you again in the summer!

We'll miss you Kara! I know it was noisy here and you didn't get much sleep, but we miss you and I bet you got so used to all this noise that it's too quiet for you at home now! You know you miss us!
The girls are telling secrets in the toy box! "Shhhh! Don't tell Luke!"

Below are the most recent pictures of the kids and a little update on each one! They have their 15 month appointment on Jan 13th and 14th.

Sarah - My sweet Sarah! Sarah has finally has some teeth. As of today, she has 2. She has also started walking. She loves to eat. She takes her time and savors every bite! She is very soft hearted and seems to get picked on a lot. Poor girl! She'll toughen up soon enough. She talks quite a bit. She says "so big" amd raises her arms. She also says cookie. She is a very happy baby in the morning, but miserable at night. She likes to play by herself and loves TV! She gives the best hugs and kisses! When she smiles, she has the cutest dimples! She just lights up a room with that smile! As of a few weeks ago, she weighed 18 1/2 lbs.

Luke - My Luke-E-Doo! He is all boy! He loves to smile but can be very miserable too. He falls asleep in his high chair every day right after her eats lunch. He loves his food. It is his comfort! He has 8 teeth and weighs a little over 23 lbs. He doesn't walk, he runs! He is pretty tough on his sisters, but Ava and Lily have started giving it back to him! He is facinated with things that move and spin and has a temper like no other! He does not know the meaning of the word "NO!" As soon as you say it to him he walks away and then he waits for you to turn around and he goes right back. He is a little sneak! When you are going over to get him for doing something he knows he's not supposed to do, he runs away and cries. I know he has a mullet going on. He is all business in the front and party in the back. We're hoping for a haircut REAL SOON!

Ava- I'm not even sure where to begin with this girl! Oh, I know....T-R-O-U-B-L-E! I have such a hard time looking back and remembering that this girl was even sick or that she was the last one to come home from the hospital......she is as healthy as any little girl and is so full of energy. Lung problems????? I don't think so. This girl screams louder than a pterodactyl. She definitey tests everyone's patience. She is also very loving and very smart. She has a knack for figuring out things without anyone showing her. She is very independent. She is the shortest of the four, but so mighty! She is the boss! She weighs 18 1/2 lbs. just like Sarah. We have a timeout chair and even when she's not in trouble, she loves to sit in it! GO FIGURE! She has an enormous appetite! She loves her carbs (just like her Mommy)! When she gets mad and frustrated, she smacks herself and pulls her hair! We just have to laugh. Whenever she hears music, she immediately start dancing!

Lily - My Lily Bug! She now has 4 teeth and has also started walking! She is so sweet, but when she doesn't get what she wants, no one throws a better tantrum than her! She is a squealer! She also loves to dance! When the music starts, so does she! She loves the boys! She is the biggest flirt ever! She has a thing for her great Uncle Jay! When she smiles at you, it just melts your heart. She is also a thumb sucker! She in always in cahoots with her brother getting into things she shouldn't and gets in truoble with him! She loves to READ and be read to! When you finish a story, she throws a tantrum because she wants you to keep reading. She throws books at you! She has finally realized that she is bigger than everyone else and loves to push and shove her brother and sisters out of the way to get what she wants, but she also loves to tickle and hug them too!

There is a video below! Enjoy and I promise I won't wait as long to post again! We love comments...please leave one! The kids will enjoy reading them when they get older!Make sur you pause the music to listen before you play the video! If you are looking on need to click here to see the video!

Happy New Year!



Beth said...

I have been "lurking" on your blog for a while now. I have GGBG quads almost the same age, so it's fun to see other at the same stages. Your kids are absolutely adorable and I love their names! Great pics-looks like they had a great Christmas!

Joni said...

I see you've found that she is stealing pictures of YOUR kids too. I thought that picture looked familiar! I've been lurking your blog since you started it. I've gone through and SCREEN PRINTED every single picture shes posted as of now on her blog, along with comments from everybody telling her to remove pictures of their child. Seems she has TWO blogs she's been doing with stolen images on them. I'm trying to figure out who some of the other pictures belong to. That Christmas tree picture belongs to another QUAD momma, I just can't figure out which one. But I KNOW i've seen it before and recently! Just wanted to let you know that I've got the info. if for some reason you need it. Sorry to see this is happening yet AGAIN! Your babes are becoming such beautiful lil' toddlers! LOVE LOVE LOVE how cute they are getting. God Bless to you all!

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