Wednesday, March 4, 2009

19 Weeks Old

This week has been busy! Great Aunt Susanne left and so it's been hectic getting used to one less person helping. She left us high and dry! All I have to say is Thank God for cereal! The kids have been doing pretty well sleeping through the night, except for Ava. She has been having a rough time adjusting, still. Sarah used to be the demanding one, not it's definitely Ava. She's either really happy or she's crying or throwing a tantrum! She's pretty strong too! She was so mad in her gym a few days ago that she scooted herself all the way around the mat in a complete circle and then ended up on the rug! She still is spitting up quite a bit...the gosh! Will it ever end. She had a gastroenterology appt. on Monday and she looks great, but has to stay on the reflux meds (Prevacid & Reglan). He said it will get worse before it gets better. Sarah had her last cardiology appointment today. She is free and clear! YAY!

We ordered two more cribs and hope to have them by next week. We'd really like to have the kids room finished....someday. I'm also hoping to finish the scrapbook I started, work on the babies books this upcoming week, and get some of my pictures in albums! I'm feeling very ambitious for next week, aren't I? Nick is also doing well...he has been working a lot! We're still hoping and praying for full time soon!

A special thanks to Great Aunt Susanne for all of her help last week eg.(sleepless nights, dinners, helping change up the schedule with cereal. We had a wonderful visit with her and I'm sure the kids will miss her....we already do! When did you say you were coming back???

We're looking forward to many visitors in the weeks and months to come...and hopefully get the o.k. from the doctor to soon go out with the kids on a real trip! Darn RSV season....yuck!

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy the video clips and the pictures. Remember, you can click directly on the picture on the slideshow to see the pictures bigger and to go through them at your own pace!



Moni Graf said...

Oh, they're so sweet! What a fun stage....becoming mobile, starting foods, developing their personalities. Hope the reflux gets better soon. Good luck with all your stuff next week....stay motivated (easy for me to say, right? I still have thank you cards to write from almost a year ago! Such a procrastinator.)


Laurie said...

How stinkin sweet are those babies? Boy oh boy look out for Lily the flirt. She reminds me of Nick. And Luke, I just want to eat up those cheeks! All of the pics and video clips are adorable. The fun is really going to start now - especially because they are babbling and reacting to your voice. Looking at the clips brings back so many memories of Tyler and Camille. Cherish every moment and take the good with the bad because before you know it they'll be in kindergarten.
Can't wait to get my hands on them. Not much longer to go. HOORAY!

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Wow solid foods! I didn't think mine were that close to foods. Boy are they growing up fast. Reflux...I hate it! It is so awful to see them go through it. Our peanut had the reflux surg. Yes, it cures it but it was a major surgery and now her stomach is shrunk and she has to eat every two hours. I really like the new look of the web.

Jac Tubre said...

Awww, they are so cute and getting so big!


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