Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 Months Old

Hello again!

It has been a very interesting week to say the least. To say we have been losing sleep is an understatement. Now that Ava is home we are as happy as could be, but at the same time it is another baby and we have to make adjustments and so do the other children. Ava eats every three hours plus she has to get 2 different medicines that have to be taken with a little bit of food seperately. So...here is how the day goes:

4:00 am - Give Ava Reglan
5:00 am - Feed Sarah & Luke
5:30 am - Feed Ava
6:00 am - Feed Lily
8:30 am - Feed Ava
9:00 am - Feed Sarah & Luke
9:00 am - Give Ava Prevacid
10:00 am - Feed Lily
10:00 am - Give Ava Reglan
11:30 am - Feed Ava
1:00 pm - Feed Sarah & Luke
2:30 pm - Feed Ava
3:00 pm - Feed Lily
4:00 pm - Give Ava Reglan
5:00 pm - Feed Sarah & Luke
5:30 pm - Feed Ava
6:00 pm - Feed Lily
8:30 pm - Feed Ava
9:00 pm - Give Ava Prevacid
9:00 pm - Feed Sarah & Luke
10:00 pm - Give Ava Reglan
10:00 pm - Feed Lily
11:30 pm - Feed Ava
1:00 am - Feed Sarah & Luke
2:00 am - Feed Lily
2:30 am - Feed Ava

And the day starts all over again! This is not accurate however because we do not live in a perfect world and some days they don't eat fast enough or there are major spit ups and bumps along the road that mess up the schedule. It's pretty crazy around here. I can't wait until Ava is on a four hour schedule. That will make things so much easier. We may finally get some rest.

Ava has certainly blossomed with personality since she's been home and it was wonderful to get pictures of them all together. All of them are smiling beyond belief. They are so adorable, if I do say so myself. They are starting to lose their hair now. They all have such wonderful personalities and are so different. Ava and Luke have started to soothe themselves by sucking on their hand or fingers. They are getting big as you can tell by pictures. I can't wait to see how much they weigh. Their next appointment is on Feb. 19th for their shots and check-ups. It will be an experience having them all together. I have to take Ava to her final eye appointment tomorrow and early steps is coming out tomorrow afternoon to see how they are doing developmentally for their age. I am very excited for that.

Our friend Tom, who lives on the east coast came over to stay with us for a few days and visit! It was a great time. My friend from work, Kathy, came for a visit today and brought us dinner and dessert. It was wonderful and a great break from having to cook dinner. Thank you Kathy!!! She also has a wonderful way of calming the children and putting them right to sleep. I guess that comes with experience. We need her here every night around 9pm or so!!

Nothing else new to report. I'm sure you all don't care about what I'm writing, you just want to see pictures....especially them all together. It is exciting! It was for me and Nick anyway!!




Lauren said...

Wow, what a day! I guess I better enjoy my days on bed rest, and soak it up while I can. Glad to hear that little Ava is happy and thriving at home!

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Congrats on having all four home. It is a wonderful feeling, but a lot of work. It is easier once they are all on the same feeding schedule, but you'll still be sleep deprived. Are you prop feeding? We have a peanut that can't be but the rest are. It makes life easier. They still need help but can eat some on their own. Keep up the great work! Your babies are precious!

Amy said...

They are soooooooooo beautiful! It was hard to see the pics of them all together through my tears! I had to watch the slideshow twice! I can't believe in the pics how much Luke & Ava look alike! It's obvious in your typing how tired you are! I really wish we lived closer because I know we (me, Laurie, my mom & especially, Jenna) would be there to help you every day. We can't wait to get our hands on those little stinkers! Take care of yourselves! I know it takes alot for you to download the pics & actually type the updates. We all appreciate your efforts because we think about you guys often!

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