Sunday, September 14, 2008

26 Weeks

Hello again! My appt. on Wednesday went great. My doctor finally put me on bedrest. Modified bedrest, which means that I can walk around. He just felt that it was finally time to stop working. All 4 babies are doing great. They have each gained 6 more ounces. Baby Girl A weighs 1 lb. 10 oz., Baby Boy B weighs 1 lb. 13 oz., Baby Girl C weighs 1 lb. 10 oz., and baby Girl D weighs 1 lb. 9 oz. The doctor says I am doing very well and he is very proud of me. He now wants me to reach for 32 weeks. I will try my best. I have been monitoring for contractions 2x a day and I've had between 1 and 3 an hour which is good. Sometimes I don't have any and sometimes it's just the babies being irritable. I feel pretty good considering I only sleep about 2 hours at any given time. Either I have to go to the bathroom or I have to shift my body because it is stiff. I finally had my first charlie horse and I hope it was my last. The pain was horrendous and I couldn't reach my calf to rub it because my big belly was in the way and I was in bed and had a hard time getting up to stand and walk on it. I truly am a mess. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Nick for massages, support, and take care of me or my mom to help feed me and the babies the appropriate foods and help to take care of me as well. Here are some ultrsound pictures, but not of all the babies. Baby Girl A & Baby Boy B were being stubborn, but there are some pretty good pictures of Girls C & D. The one of Baby Girl D's face is cool and the picture of C & D together is neat. That is how close together they are! My next appt. is on Thursday 18th. I also have an appt. afterwards to visit the NICU and the nurses. I'm excited for that! I go every week now, but every other week is an ultrasound. I'll check in on Saturday or Sunday next week. Time is winding down fast. I can't believe it!!! Nick and I are both nervous, but very excited to meet these precious babies. Talk to you soon!



Laurie Milnes said...

You guys look great. Girls C & D are simply practicing how to pose for pictures. Hope you get rid of that cold and I'll keep my fingers crossed that the charlie horses don't come back. That is one thing that I can sympathize with you about. They are not fun. Hang in there and keep eating! Eat some ice cream for me.
Love ya,

Gail Koechert said...

So happy you guys are doing great! Kelly you look terrific. Eat some tastycakes and you'll fatten up those little babies. Can't wait for Monday's so I can catch up on your blog. I was reading some of the comments from the other quad moms and their blogs are quite interesting. Hope you can connect with them for ideas. Glad you are off work now and are resting and relaxing. Take care and God bless. We love you.

Alicia said...

Hi Kelly,

Yippie!! Thank goodness for the moderate bedrest! Now you need to concentrate on bulking up those babies. I will continue to keep you in my prayers that you make it to 32 weeks!! Hang in there.

Love ya,

jag said...

Hi there! I was just thinking about you and your growing babies. I will continue to pray that all goes well. Congratulations on making it so far! Now on to the next milestone!

jag said...

Hey girl! I am so excited for your NICU tour. It makes everything seem so "real." Don't be scared by all the equipment, people, beeps, etc. It's like a well rehearsed dance in there. Everyone has their place. My secret weight gain weapon -- Little Debbie Snacks!

Misty said...

I found your blog on another blog and I wanted to say congratulations on getting to 26weeks! Awesome!
I have gggg quads that are 22months now. You have such an amazing journey ahead of you!
If ok, can I link your blog to mine?
Take care!
MOM to gggg quads

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Everyone is looking great! I'm so happy for you! And hooray for bedrest! Lol. Hang in there, Kelly...I know by now it must feel like you've been pregnant forever, but those little ones will be in your arms before you know it!

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