Thursday, August 7, 2008

20 Week Checkup

Hello everyone! Nick and I went to the specialist and he was very happy. The babies are all doing well and are all healthy. They have all of their fingers and toes and all of their inside body parts are developing normally. All of the babies are what they call "transverse", which means that they are all laying horizontally across my stomach, stacked one on top of the other. They can change positions at any time though. That is probably all that stretching I have been feeling lately. Baby Girl A is at the bottom and she weighs 12 oz. Baby Boy B is above her weighing the most, 15 oz. Baby Girl C is next and she weighs 13 oz., followed by Baby Girl D at the top. She weighs 12 oz. They have long legs. The doctor said "Wow, they have long legs!" Thank God for Daddy! They sure didn't get those from me. The doctor is happy with everything except my weight. He says I have not gained enough weight and wants me to gain more! I've already gained 30 lbs! He says the more I gain, the more the babies gain. I have to start taking in more calories over the rest of the weeks. I was also told that I could start the school year. He said eventually I would have to stop working, but I could work for now. I asked about hopsital bedrest, when that would happen. He told me that hospital bedrest would only occur if I began showing signs of preterm labor. He said that it would do me more harm than good. Home rest would be better when the time comes. We'll see how it goes. So, I am back to work next week and I have another doctor's appt. next week with my OB on Thursday. After that, I will go every 2 weeks, until there is a change. We still can't believe what a miracle this really is and how lucky we really are. Yes, there will be big changes and sacrifices to make, but we think it's worth it. I'm already looking forward to holidays! I will update again next Thursday. Talk to you then!


Kelly and Nick said...

Well, I know I said it to you on the phone but I have to tell you again. Don't be surprised if Baby D looks just like her mommy. And yes it has to do with the nose! Good luck going back to work. Don't forget to eat and rest those ankles!! Miss you dearly!! Take care of my nieces and nephew! Love ya,

Jolene said...

Hey guys!
I am loving those profiles!! They are all so adorable already. :) It is so cool that they are just all stacked up in there!!! Kel get ready for your annoying friend Jolene to nag you at work to stay off your feet!! We can fight about it after the babies are born!

Amy said...

I love your updates! I am so glad that you are able to go back to work & that you are feeling as good as you do this far. I am happy to read about how healthy the babies are! Hang in there!

Alicia said...


Love the pics Kelly! It is so exciting to see the your babies. Have you thought about the 3-4D ultrasound? Take it easy when you go back to work....please don't over due it. You have worked too hard to come to this point;-) I will continue to pray for you and the quadsquad:-)

Pam Szymanski said...

thanks for another great update, it is so wonderful to hear that all the babies are healthy. and what a GREAT opportunity to eat whatever the heck you want - enjoy it now (while you can) and get those babies bulked up. We are thinking of you.

PS - thanks for the picture with Nick - we were wondering how he was lookin' these days :-)


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